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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

adidas 35th Anniversary Adicolor #13

When I first took a look at the adidas 35th Anniversary Adicolor, I thought it would be just a plain regular white shoe with multicolor laces. Now that the shoe is coming out and people have posted pictures of it on the net, I find out that it's really a shoe that you can color hence the name "Adicolor". Included with the shoe are 6 pairs of laces, a stencil and six lacquer markers. That's a lot of stuff included. For you guys that missed out on the Neighborhood X Adidas, you can now make your own.

via [Superfuture]


At 10:24 PM, Anonymous autumn w. said...

omg those adidas are so cool. Does anyone know where i can buy them because i love adidas soooooo much.Please get back to me @ luckylilmama7@blackplanet.com


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