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Friday, January 28, 2005

Mighty Healthy Tees!

The guys at Might Healthy has some nice shirts at their site! Great for matching your unique sneakers! Go check them out here. They will be coming out with a spring 2005 soon! Here's some tees from their fall 2004 line.

What's Mighty Healthy??? Mighty Healthy became an official clothing line in 2004, but the people and concepts behind it have been shaping its soul since the late 80's. The Mighty Healthy brand name reflects the experiences of a generation that was brought up in an era of good times, self-expression and the courage to be different from the mainstream. Denis and Ray; the driving force behind the Mighty Healthy adage find it important to not follow any rules or stick to any themes when designing t-shirts. Their goal is to make graphics that can tell a story, or convey a message in an instant. The duo brings many eclectic stories to their work as they’re diverse backgrounds provide material to their own personalities. Ray, who is originally of Philipino ancestry is the classic NYC skateboard firebrand and was part of the early days, where crews of kids scoured the city trying to make names for themselves and stand out among the urban backdrop. Denis was born in Turkey but quickly assimilated into a culture that was just starting to find it’s own identity and purpose. Enamored with the emotions and rebelliousness of hip hop, Denis found himself at it’s core trying to make his mark by deejaying, making music and pursuing the art of graffiti. Together, both Ray and Denis make designs that are simple, clean and effective without being affected by what others are doing. Inspiration for the two simply comes from the experiences that have made them who they are.

via [Mighty Healthy]


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