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Saturday, February 12, 2005

Adidas Superstar 35th Anniversary Andy Warhol / Lee Quinones

Saturday is a slow day for updates but I try to bring you something to look at. Here's some very detailed pictures of the Andy Warhol and Lee Quinones from the adidas 35th Anniversary. First the Andy Warhol (#8) takes the color from the NBA team, Los Angeles Lakers. Using Abdul Jabbar's picture and Andy Warhol's style, adidas creates this to commenorate both artist and basketball player. Andy Warhol's works include the "Campbell soup can" and the Marilyn Monroe painting.

Full Pictures Here.

This is the Lee Quinones version of the adidas Superstar (#10). Lengendary Lee Quinones is from the New York's graffiti scene and his work had has great effects on the art world. The design of the shoe is inspired by New York's subways and the hip hop scene.

Full Pictures Here.



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