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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Adidas Superstar 35th Anniversary Music Series!!

After adidas released the Artist series in Febuary, the next ones to be release is the Music Series!! The Music Series will include:

#15 Run DMC
#16 Ian Brown
#17 Red Hot Chili Peppers
#18 Roc-A-Fella
#19 Underworld/Tomato
#20 Bad Boy
#21 Missy Elliott

They will be released sometime in March 2005! Although not as limited as the previous series, they will still be limited to 5000 pairs each worldwide!! There seems to be a lot of "hype" around the #19 Underworld/Tomato ones. I agree that they look nice but I think others like the Ian Brown and Red Hot Chili Peppers are nice too. That's just my opinion. Anyhow, there's more detailed pictures at adidas.com.

Some Full Pictures.


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