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Friday, February 04, 2005

A Book Designed to Help

A design team in the UK called iLovedust will be releasing a book that features art, design and illustrations to raise money for the tsunami crisis. A ton of artist and designers have contributed their works to make this book possible. The book has 304 pages so you can imagine how much artwork is in there. It will come in a hardcover and will make a great asset to your book collection. Other contributors include Engelhardt & Bauer from Karlsruhe, Germany which will support the project by donating printing services. It will be published by Die Gestalten Verlag and you can check out some previews of the book on their website. This book will be released in March 2005 and will cost $55.00. Of course, this money will be donated to the tsunami relief efforts. Please don't forget about the people that have suffered this tragedy in Asia just because the News doesn't report it anymore! Continue the love and support because they need it most!

via [Designed To Help]


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