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Sunday, February 06, 2005

lmac x Doudoupop "Le Zombie Freqs" Plush editions!

Lmac hits famed French plush artist Jamous of DouDouPop with their Zombie Thugs & Speaker Bunny's dirty dark musical concoctions and turns his no.1 plush creation into ' Le Zombie Freqs'! Exclusive to Rotofugi (USA), these little critters will be released in a 1st edition of 50 limited hand made versions and will stand 15cm tall, made with high quality polar fleece, synthetic hairs, polyester fiber, embroidery and more! Releasing between Febuary and March 2005! More info here: rotofugi.com. Lmac will also be releasing a special underground second edition of this plush around the same time as well. For more information, check out lmac.tv.

Full Picture Here.


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