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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Steve Rosswick Makes Cool Tees!!

We recently had a talk with T-Shirt Designer/Maker, Steve Rosswick. We asked him about his new t-shirt line and this is what he had to say:

"My name is Steve Rosswick and I opened the doors to my clothing line recently. This is my inaugural season and so far the reception we've gotten is far more than we ever expected. The Steve Rosswick Collection specializes in casual clothing, currently offering T-Shirts and Henleys and in the near future will be offering Hoodies, Jackets, Leisure Polos and dressier shirts. We also offer limited edition prints to decorate your Dorm, Apartment, Condo, Office or Home. All of my shirts are of the slim-fitting sort so they carry a snug and youthful look that really looks great on everyone. The designs I offer are created by myself; and encompass a vast array of techniques that I've picked up from all around, including Urban, Retro, Stylized, Sketched, Abstract, etc. One of the key aspects that set me apart from other designers, is I don't follow traditional 'Seasons' when it comes to releasing designs. Most will release, say, 15 designs for Spring/Summer and 15 for Fall/Winter. I will release a line for Spring that includes 10 designs, but I will release designs throughout the entire year. All of my shirts too, are produced in small quantities, ensuring quality; but also ensuring that each design is rare, a collector's piece for the Fashion conosseiur. "

More Pictures of his Tees.

Check out his Tees at: www.steverosswick.com


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