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Sunday, March 06, 2005

Maharishi DPM x B&W Speakers!!

B&W has been creating quality loudspeakers since 1966. Now they have teamed up with Maharishi DPM to create this new B&W 601 speaker which combines the camo art of Maharishi and B&W speaker technology. The Mahrishi camo is the famous one with the bonsai trees and dragons which was also featured on the Nike x DPM Terminator Hi. The speaker itself is of top quality. It is a "compact bookshelf/stand-mount speaker that combinesa 165mm (6 1/2-in) woven Kevlar cone bass/midrange driver with a Nautilus tube-loaded metal dome tweeter. The cabinet features extra internal bracing for reduced colouration. The speaker also features B&W's Flowport technology that uses golf-ball-style dimples to improve air-flow in the reflex ports. This ensures clean bass with good attack that remains more consistent with level compared to simpler designs."

Maharishi DPM x B&W Speaker Pictures.

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