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Saturday, January 22, 2005

Nike Dunk Low Korea Taf

What's Taf? I believe it's a store in Korea. Taf is the abbreviation for The Athletes Foot.

via [Rocket]

Nike Air 180 / Force 180 Samples

Wow it's non stop updating today.Here's some new stuff I havn't seen before. First the Air 180 is all black leather which is nice. The other are Force 180's in a new colorway which remind me of Jordans.
via [Chapter World]

Nike Dunk / P-Rod

I'm going to kick myself for telling everyone but Active has updated their site with some new dunk SBs and the monogram P-Rod. They're not in YET but I am guessing they will be arriving soon. I particularly like the black and blue dunk because it's partly made of suede (or nubuck). Please save a pair for me.

via [Active]

Visvim FBT

This Visvim FBT is made of deer leather which feels real soft. Again, the Indian beads are used giving the shoe an ethnic feeling.

via [∪・♀・∪69号ランド]

Nike Air 180 Posters

On the first look, I thought Nike was going to release these crazy glow in the dark shoes. Unfortunatly, it's only a poster. This particular one is by Anti.

There are also other posters of the Air 180 by Marok and Snowden.

via [RTHQ]

Nike Dunk High 481 Color

This spring 2005 limited dunk model adopts a blue mesh side panel. .

via [Alternate Sneaker]

More Pictures of the Lebron Event in SF

People have been posting more pictures from the Lebron Event in San Francisco that was held yesterday.

"St. Vincent St. Mary's Dunk to pay tribute to his highschool."

This one means "fear battle"



"Self Questioning"

"Saying yourself is cute" or something.

Sorry for the crappy translation. There's way more pictures at Niketalk.

via [Niketalk]

Adidas Compas 'we' / Stan Comfort IYF

Adidas X We joins hands to create this special Compas 'we' sneaker. You may ask what is "WE"? Well, "WE" is skateboard and snowboard brand in Sweden kind of like Supreme in the US.

A Stan Smith collaboration with velcro strapes and made of suede. Also comes in green and pink.

via [Hanon-Shop]

Motorola X Burton Jacket and Helmet

Motorola and Burton collaborates to release this ski jacket where you can listen to both mp3s and use a cellphone. The control is attached to the arm and speakers are in the hood. You will also be able to use Bluetooth for you cellphone or headphones.

This helmet will allow you to listen to mp3s or answer cellphones while you're going down the slopes. The headphones are Bluetooth so no wires will be dangling around while you do your 360 degree jumps.

via [

Cabane de Zucca X Visvim Newton 2

First spotted in the magazine Shoes Master, the designer Akira Onozuka adds in a native-feeling stripes and colored beads. Also comes in purple. The shoes is also very comfy. The original tag on the tongue is engraved Visvim but this time Cabane de Zucca is engraved. The words Cabane de Zucca and Visvim appears on sole.

via [∪・♀・∪69号ランド]

Bathing Ape Sweats

Just some new sweats by Bathing Ape. The top one I dub Bapethoven. Top one also comes in color white. The bottom one also comes in grey but which a white design.

link via [Ace-Company]

Nike Delta Force / Converse One Star

The new Delta Force looks great! The color reminds us of the the Air Jordan 1 plus nubuck is used as the material most of the shoe! Nice!

Another release at e-mario shop and finally not a Nike. My Japanese translation is not great but it says something about the inside of the shoe is made of pig skin. It doesn't sound great but I bet it's nice in person.

via [e-mario]

Nike Air Force 1 Mid

A Nike Air Force 1 Mid is released in a new color! It's grey and white and includes a embroidery of the orange Nike Swoosh. A balance of the patent and the leather makes the shoe exquisite. Even those who hate patent material may enjoy this design.

via [Chapter World]

Nike Max Pack

Nike releases the Max Pack which features 3 models all designated in the color black.

The Air 180 is stays true to it's name as the air is
180° visable.

The ever so popular Air Max 95 enjoys a nice color treatment.

The Air Max 97 which was released in the year of 1997 has a visable
360° air cushion.

via [Chapter World]

Some Nike FLOM Pictures

Nike FLOM (For Love or Money) Dunk is one of the most desired sneaker in the sneaker market. It designed by the man Futura himself. SampleKickz has a pair and took some nice pictures of it. Check it out at his site.

link via [SampleKickz]

Nike Air Force 1 "HYPE"

The Lebron Event was held at San Francisco on January 21, 2005. At the event, the first 150 people were given Lebron shirts. The shoe that was sold at this event were the ones in the picture above. The Chinese words at the back say "kua cheung shi si" in mandarin (sorry if I got the exact phonetics wrong) which basically means exaggerated or basically hyped.

via [Niketalk]

Friday, January 21, 2005

More Fall Samples! Nike Air Max Groove / Air Epic

This Nike Air Max Groove is the first of the Element Pack. It's classical design plus the sole of the Air Max makes this shoe both lightweight and functional.

The Nike Air Epic is due to be released in August 2005. It was the top model of 1985 at which it's cushion characteristic was superior by loading the air onto the full length of the shoe. It is now re-issued and it adopts this original thermal-plus heel to give you great stability.

via [Alternate Sneakers]

Fall 2005 Nike Samples

Nike Air Baltoro

Nike Court Force High ND

Nike Air Force 180

Nike Dunk Low LE

Nike Dunk Low NL

link via [SNUG]
vua [5th-Dimension]

Darth Tater

Hasbro comes out with a new Mr. Potato head, the Darth Tater. It will be released next month and will come with a light saber, cape, helment along with other acessories. Price will be $7.99 in the United States. I can't wait to get one myself and I forsee a whole line of other Star Wars Potato Heads in the future.

via [Gizmodo]
link via [CNN]

Nike Dunk Low Desmond

These were released at the Nike 225 event on January 19th, 2005. Nike gave away a free pair of these Nike Dunk Low Desmond along with a Nikeid messenger bag to most of the attendees. Only 255 pairs of these were released and each were numbered. The Nikeid bags were unique as they were made out of old Nike adverstising material.

via [Flytip.com]

Number (N)ine Slip On

I usually don't like slip ons that much but this is something that caught my eye. Number (N)ine comes out with this plaid slip on that is both nice and elegent.

link via [Ace-Company]

Number Nine Skull Tee / Bathing Ape Camo Classic Backpack

New stuff at Concept Shop. Some of the new stuff includes the Number Nine Skull Tee which I think is really cute. Also the Bathing Ape camo classic backpack. Check out the details on that thing! The suede bottom is awesome.

via [Concept Shop]