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Saturday, January 29, 2005

SBTG Custom Air Force 1 Low

Nice custom from SBTG!

via [RTHQ]

Surrender Store opened in Singapore!

Surrender, a new unique boutique in Singapore has opened it stores to public. It was pretty wild with live music and a great crowd. Front door looks like a building with maximum security. Thanks Grace!

via [Frontal labs]

Nike Air Force 1

A new Air Force 1 Low in 411 color. This time, this sexy air force one uses a smooth leather. It's something different from the nubuck, suede, premium leather or patent stuff that's popular recently. This Air Force 1 uses the same color scheme as the first one which was sold in 1998.

via [Alternate Sneaker]

Visvim Python Wallet Money Clip

Visvim does it again but this time instead of high quality shoes, they release these incredible money clip wallets! Visvim's money clip wallet is super detailed and of high quality. In addition, the material is 100% real python leather. Great for people who light to travel light but with style!

via [Chapter World]

Nike Dunk High Pro SB T-19 "Shingo"

The new Dunk SB is a collaboration between the skating brand T-19 and rider Iwasaki Shingo. The T19 logo and the perforated side panel makes this shoe a must buy!

via [essence]

Dalek Shower Curtains

You may know Dalek for his wacky paintings of space monkeys. Now they're available as shower curtains! Enjoy Dalek's art even when you're in the bathroom!

via [Artbrat]

Friday, January 28, 2005

Mighty Healthy Tees!

The guys at Might Healthy has some nice shirts at their site! Great for matching your unique sneakers! Go check them out here. They will be coming out with a spring 2005 soon! Here's some tees from their fall 2004 line.

What's Mighty Healthy??? Mighty Healthy became an official clothing line in 2004, but the people and concepts behind it have been shaping its soul since the late 80's. The Mighty Healthy brand name reflects the experiences of a generation that was brought up in an era of good times, self-expression and the courage to be different from the mainstream. Denis and Ray; the driving force behind the Mighty Healthy adage find it important to not follow any rules or stick to any themes when designing t-shirts. Their goal is to make graphics that can tell a story, or convey a message in an instant. The duo brings many eclectic stories to their work as they’re diverse backgrounds provide material to their own personalities. Ray, who is originally of Philipino ancestry is the classic NYC skateboard firebrand and was part of the early days, where crews of kids scoured the city trying to make names for themselves and stand out among the urban backdrop. Denis was born in Turkey but quickly assimilated into a culture that was just starting to find it’s own identity and purpose. Enamored with the emotions and rebelliousness of hip hop, Denis found himself at it’s core trying to make his mark by deejaying, making music and pursuing the art of graffiti. Together, both Ray and Denis make designs that are simple, clean and effective without being affected by what others are doing. Inspiration for the two simply comes from the experiences that have made them who they are.

via [Mighty Healthy]

New Nikes at Proper

Some new stuff at Proper including this Air Force 1 mid that I havn't seen before. Looks pretty nice with the front being patent leather.

via [Proper]

Sneaker Pimps Thailand!

Sneaker Pimp tour hits Thailand! In addition to the display of rare sneakers, there was a live projection show. More pictures at Suite2206.

via [Suite2206]

North Face Refective Material Bags

The popular North Face brand makes a new bag under the purple label Kinetics. The North Face purple label is a limited line in Japan with small production quantities and circulation. Only two stores in Japan carry this Kinetics line. It uses the original bag design but this time the bags uses reflector material. Comes in a backpack model and also the duffle bag model.

via [Chapter World]

Atmos Check Drum Bag

Atmos comes out with this nice checkered drum bag!

via [Atmos]

New Jewelry by Gabriel Urist

New jewelry design by Gabriel Urist. You may have seen his gold and silver Dunk chains before. He comes out with a new line of chains dedicated to Michael Jordan.

Who's Gabriel Urist?
He graduated from the Interlochen Arts Academy in Michigan state where he learned jewelry design. After graduating, Gabriel moved to New York. He started as an assistant working under various jewelry designers in Brooklyn. He has done jewelry for many public figures such as graffiti artist Futura. He has also worked in New York with alife, Rivington club and ISA and Nom De Guerre and recently even worked with Nike SB.

via [essence]

Nike Air Jordan Dub Zero

A shoe that combines all the years of Air Jordan's best features. The bottom sole of AJ4, the heel of AJ6, shoes laces of AJ11, tongue of AJ12, the upper of AJ13, material of AJ15, print and pattern of AJ19 and the laser technology of AJ20. If you add all the numbers together, you get the number 100 meaning the shoe gets 100%! Also comes in white/orange colorway. Expect the shoe to come out in June.

via [SoleRedemption]

Nike Dunk Low Euro Exclusive

Wow, something good finally from Footlocker. This Dunk Low will be Euro Exclusive and will be sold at Footlocker. A basketball ball is engraved in the back of the shoe while the swoosh has a glossy finish.

via [essence]

Phunk Studio show in Berlin

The Phunk Studio show features customized Nike tennis classics and the room is designed by Phunk Studio themselves. The show runs until March 2005. Check it out at www.phunkstudio.com

via [Sneaker Freaker]

Nike Dunk Low "Muppet Pack"

First Nike released the "Kermit" then "Miss Piggy", now third in line is this Nike Dunk Low of the "Muppet Pack". Notice I'm using all quotations because these are not really the official names. What makes these dunks special is the foam material it uses.

via [Crooked Tongues]

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Bathing Ape Shirts

Some more new stuff from Chapter World. First these Beethoven Ape shirts. This famous logo is brilliantly designed which makes it one of the most popular symbols in the Ape line. Comes in black, red and navy.

Mickeymilo shirt which resembles the famous character Mickey Mouse!

Bapy is the line by Bathing Ape for the ladies. Comes in two sizes. The ones in the picture are small size. Comes in three prints: tiger, leopard and jaguar.

Another bag from the Bapy line. This simple and nice design represents the street tains in Japan. Comes in blue, yellow, green and pink.

via [Chapter World]

Bathing Ape Bapestasssss!

A bunch of new Bapestas released. The first set includes the ever so popular snakeskin Bapesta. There's also a baby version of the snakeskin Bapesta. There's a velco so kids won't have to tie their laces. It's just so cute. The third one is a Bathing Ape X Converse. You might have seen the highs before but now Bathing Ape comes out with the lows.

The second set includes some new colors! Nice stuff as always!

via [Ace-Company]

Nike Legend

First released in the 80s, the Legend is reissued again from Nike!

via [Chapter World]

Adidas Jabbar Lo NY / Jeans

Adidas just keeps coming out with shoes this month. The first pair is a remake of the Adidas Jabbar which include white leather and an aged sole. The second pair is also a remake of the 1976 Adidas Jeans. Uses nice suede material, features PU wedges and the yellow accent color.

via [Hanon Shop]

Dave White's Dunkle Art

We all love Dave White's beautiful sneaker art. Something I found that maybe you havn't seen before or maybe you have. Either way, it's a great painting and my admiration for White's paintings grows.

via [Passover]

Nike Air Huarache Light Burst

This Spring 2005 limited model of the Air Huarache Light Burst is already released. In addition to the good looks, it gives great support and comfort.

via [Alternate Sneaker]

Adidas New York

Wow, these are hot and they're not 35th Anniversary! Adidas will be releasing these Adidas New Yorks in the near future. See more pictures at Crooked Tongue.

via [Crooked Tongue]

Carhart X Fuel-Berlin LImitedTees

These Carhart Tees were designed by fuel-berlin. You probably know what Carhart is but what's fuel-berlin?

"Fuel-Berlin is a panel of artists, VJs and Designers. Their extensive task is to find creative solutions for installations, Art and object-design, print and online medias as well as visual conceptions for rooms, showrooms, fairs,..."

Go check out more of their awesome work at their site.

Too Fast Too Furious!

Personally, I love dunks! They look great! In fact, I got into the sneaker culture because of dunks. But now that I've seen this, I'm having second thoughts. It seems like Nike's starting to hire people to who design car vinyls graphics to design shoes . "We'll just slap on some lame design from 2Fast2Furious and it'll sell!". Next thing you know, they'll start adding big ass spoilers and "under-shoe" neon light kits. The only thing I like about this shoe is the black stitching. Fortunatly, it's only a GS release. Come on Nike, think of something better!

via [Footlocker]

Vancouver Sneaker Summit

The first Vancouver Sneaker Summit will be held at Vital at 13:00 on Febuary 19th, 2005. Events that will take place include a sneaker showoff (which will be held at Headquarter), free shoe raffle (held at Vital), downtown sneaker shop walk, lucky draws and giveaways. I will be there to give you guys full coverage of the event.

Full flyer can be viewed here.

via [Flat-Footed]

Nike Women's Air Force 1 Low Premium

It seems like all the nice releases from Nike are for females. I think it's a plot to tease us male consumers. Anyway, Nike releases the Air Force 1 Premium in this redwood color. The Air Force 1 adopts the premium leather which is ever so popular now. In addition, this high quality leather makes the shoe feel very soft and comfortable.

via [Chapter World]

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

New adidas Shoes at Proper!

New adidas sneakers at Proper. They include the zx8000 delux, forum la croc, pro model and Rod Laver mids.

via [Proper]

Stussy X Bal "SS Disco Tribe Tee" / LED LABEL

Stussy Japan's limited line called "Led Laber" combines with Bal to produce this "World Wide Disco Tribe" t-shirt. This cool design will no doubt attract attention.

via [Alternate Sneaker]

Nike Air Max 95 Deluxe

Similar to the Atmos version, this Nike Air Max 95 Deluxe uses the color black instead of the white. Notice the "Air" part is also black! A must get for all Air Max fans!

via [Atmos]

Bathing Ape X Stash Sweat Jacket / Reversible Satin Jacket

A collaboration with Stash, Ape releases this detailed sweat jacket. 05 is printed on the right arm signifying this year's 2005 edition jacket.

This reversible jacket is made of high quality satin! It makes a great impression with the groovy design along with the B logo on the chest. Bathing Ape is known for attention to details so the reversible side has the Bapesta logos sewed in. Don't miss out on this incredible jacket.

via [Ace-Company]

Medicom Bearbrick iBear iPod Cradle

The iBe@r iPod cradle is based on the popular collectible be@rbrick toys. Now you can have be@rbrick hold your iPod for you to keep your desk from getting cluttered. It comes in five colors!

via [Gizmodo]

Nike Dunk SB Mexico / Bling Bling?

There were the Nike Dunk Paris, Londons, Tokyo, Shanghais, New York and now, Mexico! Nike comes out with it's latest city dunk SB. The colors obviously display the colors of the Mexican Flag. No news when or where it will be released yet but I look forward to this dunk!

Still don't got enough bling bling? Maybe these Nike Chrome Dunks will fit the bill. From the look of the fat tongue, they look like they will follow the SB line. Other than that, no news on this shiny dunk yet.

via [Passover]

Nike Air Zoom Trainer

Take a sneak peek at the Nike Air Zoom Trainer for the spring/summer 05 collection. The Nike Air Zoom Trainer was first released 20 years ago and is now being re-issued. More story and pictures at Freshness!

via [Freshness]

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Nike X Kidrobot X Barneys

Nike and Kidrobot works together to produce these limited Air Max Ones. Other than the "heat-embossed" Kidrobot logo on the heel and the special "custom gold and pink drawer style collector's box" it comes in, you also get a mini Kidrobot keychain! In addition, you also receive "one of five sockliners created by artists Gary Baseman, Dalek, David Horvath, Huck Gee, or Frank Kozik." They will be for sale on Febuary 11th, 2005 at Barney's in New York. The black shoe will be limited to 250 pairs while the pink shoe will be limited to only 40 pairs!!! Damn, I wish I lived in New York!

via [Kidrobot]

lmac.tv Toys and Apparel

lmac.tv is a creative label that's responsible for producing toys, music, art, fashion and other lifestyle products. Based in Singapore, founder le messie introduces his line of lmac (les minimal autistic children) toys and apparel. They're doing some pretty cool and creative stuff over there, go check their site out. Here's a sample of some toys and shirts they're releasing.

via [lmac.tv]

Nike Dunk Low Pro SB

A new fresh color to the Nike dunk SB line! The black/royal blue dunk mixes both leather and nubuck to create a cool new sneaker. Of course, the thick tongue and the zoom air is incorporated into the shoe providing maximum comfort that SBs have been known for.

via [Alternate Sneaker]

Royalefam Raglan Baseball T-shirts

SBTG is a famous sneaker customizer who's responsible for great custom sneakers and his line of clothing called Royalefam. The first Royalefam tee was a great success! SBTG also designed one for the tsunami relief effort with proceeds going to the cause. SBTG will be releasing this Royalefam Raglan baseball T-shirt on January 29th, 2005 at Ambush in Singpore. Each color will be limited to only 40 pieces.

via [Frontal Labs]

adidas 35th Anniversary Adicolor #13

When I first took a look at the adidas 35th Anniversary Adicolor, I thought it would be just a plain regular white shoe with multicolor laces. Now that the shoe is coming out and people have posted pictures of it on the net, I find out that it's really a shoe that you can color hence the name "Adicolor". Included with the shoe are 6 pairs of laces, a stencil and six lacquer markers. That's a lot of stuff included. For you guys that missed out on the Neighborhood X Adidas, you can now make your own.

via [Superfuture]

Unkle X Gore-Tex Jacket Pre-Orders!

The One 40 Five store is taking pre-orders for the limited Unkle X Gore-Tex Jackets that are produced by Medicom in Japan! Don't miss out on this collaboration of the century! You can find more information at the One 40 Five store's site.

via [one40fivestore]

Nike Raygun T-shirts!

Finally got your Nike Raygun Dunks? Get these awesome Raygun T-shirts to match your newly acquired kicks!

via [Exit]
spotted at [Niketalk]

Milo (B)one & Bathing Ape Rubber Coin Case

More cool stuff from Ace-Company. I should just put them all in one post. Anyway, Bathing Ape released these Milo (B)one and Ape rubber coin cases. They're so cute but so useful at the same time. You can easily attach it to your pants, your cellphone or keychain. I really need one of these because I always have a problem keeping coins around especially when I need them for parking.

via [Ace-Company]

Porter X Famouz Boston Bag

Made of colorful nylong material, Porter and Famouz comes out with this great looking drum bag. Everyday use is no problem because the nylong is quite thick. It is a unisex bag because it comes with a extra strap you can hookup to make it 1 strap instead of 2 straps you see in the pictures. So both guys and girls will love this. I love it already.

via [Ace-Company]