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Saturday, February 05, 2005

Adidas 35th Anniversary Expression Series at Livestock!

Today at around 10:00am Livestock in Vancouver released the Adidas 35th Anniversary Expression Series. I was there at around 8am and luckily there was only a short line-up but as the time neared opening time, more and more people arrived. There were probably 35+ people in total at the end. The staff were pretty organized and efficient at giving us our sneakers. Sizes ran out quick! I was around 15th in line and people behind me didn't really get their sizes. I didn't get my Captain Tsubasas either. But I got 3 other pairs, the Adicolor, Upper Playground and Disney Goofy. In addition, Livestock sold their Livestock Adidas 35th Anniversary shirts which I didn't get because I ran out of money. Livestock also had a nice 35th Anniversary display at the front of their store.

I have detailed pictures of the Adicolors, Goofys and Upper Playground.

Click HERE for all pictures.

One40five Store Van's Vault Launch Party!

One40five store will be hosting Van's Vault launch party for the Spring/Summer 2005 Vans Shoes. It will be held on March, 24th at around 6:30pm and will take place at the store in Brighton, UK. The first people to the store will get a free pair of Vans, and there will be loads of other freebies as well. There will also be an after party with free booze and music. Keep checking their site for full details.

via [one40five]

New Samples for Upcoming Nikes

More sample pictures of upcoming Nike releases. Nike keeps pumping out different color combinations for the Air 180, Air Max 90, Air Trainer 3, Women's Trainer Max '91 and of course who can forget about Dunks. Personally, I like the White/Red Women's Trainer '91. I hope they have big sizes.

Air 180

Air Max 90

Air Trainer 3 / Women's Trainer Max '91

Women's Trainer Max '91 / Dunk Low GS

via [Chapter World]

Adidas 35th Anniversary Adicolor Customs

With the release of the Adicolor, people have already been customizing their own sneakers. I found one that stood out from the crowd. In addition to the awesome blood splatter effects, the use of the laces really won me over. This shoe has just been released so it's just the beginning of what will be see in the future. Pictures are from Assault on Crooked Tongues.

via [Crooked Tongues]

See these ice cubes, see these Ice Creams!

New Women's Reebok Ice Creams. Comes in 3 different flavors (colors)! Probably the last pair of Ice Creams produced by Reebok since BBC and Reebok are going to go different ways. The blue flavor has a different gold chain print than the other two. The blue one has a "Dizzy" goldchain while the others have a "Anne" and "Kissy" goldchain. They will be limited to 2000 pairs each. Get them now at ShoeJockey for $200.00 each.

via [ShoeJockey]

Friday, February 04, 2005

Nike Air Force 1 Womens

As I said before, all the good stuff is given to the females first. This Camo Gum Sole Air Force 1 is no exception. Billionaire Boys Club's Ice Creams seemed to bring a new trend. After BBC used their clear gum sole on their shoes, now everyone is doing the same. Nevertheless, the gum sole on this pair is hot! In my opinion, the color is kinda average.

via [Shoe-Planet]

Air Jordan 4 Gabriel Urist Jewelry

New AJ4 jewelry by New York artist Gabriel Urist. Using the shape of the class Air Jordan 4, this super detailed accessory is a must have. Also comes in a nice jewelry box. If you don't know who Gabriel Urist is, he has previously released his Dunk chains and his Jumpman chains.

via [essence]

New Bathing Ape Bapesta!

Finally! Bapestas without all the patent leather. Like me, you've probably gotten pretty sick of all the Bapesta clones. One by one, Bape was releasing patent leather after another. It's finally over! These new ones will include a suede on the toe and on the side. In addition the bottom will be clear gum sole which really freaking rocks. It comes in 4 colors: black/black, chocolate/camel, navy/grey, light green/green.

via [VintageKicks]

Autumn/Winter Upcoming Vans

Guys at One40five store got a chance to meet the makers of Vans and got a sneak peek at the upcoming Autumn/Winter 2005 line. All the new Vans keep their original and simple look. At the same time, the use of new textures or materials give the shoes a new perspective. I really like the ones with the velco straps. Sweet stuff. Check out better pictures at the link below.

via [One40five Store]

New Nike Blazer

Nike will be releasing a new version of the Blazer this spring 2005. Freshness has some picture comparison of it and the original Blazer. In addition, there will be a Blazer SB in the future. Check out their site for full comparison.

via [Freshness]

Nike Lase One Piece Dunk

Folks at Crooked Tongues has some nice pictures of a very limited one piece dunk. Instead of being a couple pieces of leather sewn together, it's one piece with the laser to defind where the joining pieces are. It's going to be limited to only 566 pairs and will be released at only some exclusive stores that carry Nike. More pictures at Crooked Tongues.

via [Crooked Tongues]

A Book Designed to Help

A design team in the UK called iLovedust will be releasing a book that features art, design and illustrations to raise money for the tsunami crisis. A ton of artist and designers have contributed their works to make this book possible. The book has 304 pages so you can imagine how much artwork is in there. It will come in a hardcover and will make a great asset to your book collection. Other contributors include Engelhardt & Bauer from Karlsruhe, Germany which will support the project by donating printing services. It will be published by Die Gestalten Verlag and you can check out some previews of the book on their website. This book will be released in March 2005 and will cost $55.00. Of course, this money will be donated to the tsunami relief efforts. Please don't forget about the people that have suffered this tragedy in Asia just because the News doesn't report it anymore! Continue the love and support because they need it most!

via [Designed To Help]

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Adidas Half Shell / Nike Air Force 1

New limited line of Adidas Half Shells. This new model adopts a half shell toe instead of the regular full shell which gives it a pretty nice look. The material cannot be overlooked either as it uses nice nubuck material. In addition, the half shell letters are engraved onto the side of the shoe plus there's a "Adidas Half Shell Champions" logo near the back. Overall, beautiful shoe.

A new hot Euro Exclusive Nike Air Force 1 is released! In addition to the hot colorway, the Nike swoosh shape is stitched. Also the inner lining uses a perforated material. Another nice release by Nike.

via [icefield]

New Issue of Magazine Faesthetic

New issue of Faesthetic is out. It's a magazine that features artwork from many different artist. Over 200 artist submitted their work and only the best 90 were picked for this issue which include Futura 2000. Go check it out at their site to buy a copy! Only 1000 copies are produced so go get it now before they run out!

Milo Monogram Shirt

This long sleeve Baby Milo shirt is released in a limited number at Milo Store in Japan. The shirt is covered with Baby Milos which create a monogram like style. It's made of cotton and has a Milo tag attached on the left pocket. It's a very nice shirt for 2005.

via [Stay246]

Comme des Garcons Tee

Comme des Garcons, a well known brand, releases this cute tee that gives a casual look. You can purchase this tee from Concept Shop.

via [Ace-Web]

New Items at Concept Shop

Tons of new items available at Concept Shop. These items include the Bape x Kaws shirts, Undercover But Beautiful II, Milo Valentines tees and so much more. In addition there's a sale for some older Bape clothes. Go to their site at conceptshop.com.hk

Nike Dunk Low FT Sample

Wow, Samplekickz.com gets all the shoes. He shoes off this FT sample that's limited to only 24 pairs worldwide. You can see more pictures on his site.

via [SampleKickz]

Meet James Jarvis!

James Jarvis, known for his in-crowd toys, will be at the New York Toy Fair 2005 for toy signings.

via [StrangeCo]

More Nike Air 180s to come!

Nike has been focusing a lot of attention on the new Air 180s lately. There's the Air 180 with the original colors (middle in picture). Then there's the NikeiD Air 180s. Soon, there will be some new colorways such as the Black/Red (right in picture) and Black/Silver/Red (left in picture). Edit: The Black/Silver Red is available at www.pickyourshoes.com.

Soon these will be releasing these as well.

via [Daily Snkr Blog]

New Sneaker Pimps Thailand Pictures!

More party pictures of the Sneaker Pimps Tour in Bangkok, Thailand! Looked like a blast! Click here for the pics!

Check out this interview on David Gensler and Jason Bass. Their collaboration is called KDU (Keystone Design Union). You may know Jason Bass for his sneaker line JB classics. Click here for the full interveiw.

Also JB x New Era hats are out! Get them here.

via [Suite2206]

Some Close-Ups of the New Raygun Clothing Line

Immense has some close ups of the new Raygun Rosswell clothing line up at their site. Go check it out.

via [Immense]

Roen x Mickey x roar "Clash Mickey" Hoody

Mickey strikes his guitar for the logo of this print called "The Clash". Disney teams up with a Japanese company "Roen", a brand that attracts attention even from celebrities and stylists. Each of these hoodies are limited to 350 pieces and are all numbered. In addition to Mickey logo on the back, there's a handgun logo on the front. It also comes in a t-shirt version.

via [Ace-Web]

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

New Nike SB Pictures

The interface of the Nike SB site is pretty annoying so I took the time to copy them all and put them here for easy access. The top pictures are the new P-Rod Zoom Air. The bottom ones (in order) are: Dunk Hi T19, Dunk Low Black/Royal Blue, Angus Black/Pink, and Delta Force Red/White.

Click here to see all the new pictures.
via [Nike Skateboarding]

Official Famicom Tissue Paper Holder

Remember the good of days of gaming? The Famicom was my first console and it was the machine that got me addicted to gaming all these years. Now you can celebrate it by getting this official Famicom tissue paper holder. It's not some fake bootleg stuff because it's liscenced by Nintendo. It can fit a standard tissue paper box and comes in two versions: one with circle fire buttons and one with square fire buttons.

via [GadgetMadness]

Baby Milo Valentines Tee

New Milo tee for 2005 Valentine's celebration. Milo is printed on the front hugging the red heart. There is also a print on the back and the milo tag is attached on the left sleeve. Also comes in white.

via [Stay246]

Adidas Handball / All White / Tennis Hi

Some new sneakers from Adidas including the Handball 5 Plug, the All White and the Tennis Hi. The Handball 5 Plug (left picture) is a classic shoe with breathable mesh upper and suede overlays. 5 removable plugs are inserted into the gum sole to provide stability. I have no idea why you would ever remove them. The Adidas All White (middle picture) uses full leather and a suede overlay. The Tennis Hi also has breathable mesh and a leather upper with suede heel overlays.

via [Hanon Shop]

Nike SB Shoe Giveaway

As a promotion for Paul Rodriguez's new Zoom Air, Nike SB will be hosting a shoe giveaway. First prize will take away a custom engraved ipod mini, a pair of the new Paul's shoes and $100 to spend at activemailorder.com. Unfortunately, only US residents can enter this draw. (damnit!) See the poster below for more details.

In addition, Nike SB has released a new Raygun clothing line and has updated their site with the new Dunk T19, Dunk Black/Royal blue, Angus Black/Real pink, Red/White Delta Force, and of course the new P-Rod line.

via [Nike Skateboarding]

Kaws Companion on dp-mhi

If you're one of those people who missed out on getting the Kaws Companion that was released on Kaw's site, then get it now at dp-mhi. It's a bit cheaper than paying Ebay prices.

via [dp-mhi]

Nike Air Zoom Trainer LA

Usually I'm not a big fan of runners other than the Air Max series but this is something that caught my eye. The shoe itself is nothing special but I find that the colorway rocks. I checked on ebay to try to find this but all I found were crappy colors. This runner is called Air Zoom Trainer LA or Vapor. It's made of super lightweight artificial leather which constitutes as the upper and TPU support overlay in the middle of the foot as a stiffener. Sounds good? There's more. The sole is made of rubber, urethane and more artificial leather. This makes probably the fastest shoe on the planet.

via [Shoe-Planet]

Milo Reversible Shirt "Phantom"

If you have read about Nigo somewhere in magazines, you'll probably know that he has tons of nice cars including one of his favorite, the Rolls-Royce Phantom. It is no surprise then that he would include one of his shirts dedicated to the car. The long sleeved shirt is reversible as you can see in the picture. Along with the cool Phantom design and good quality of the shirt, who could pass up on this nice shirt.

via [Ace-Net]

Bathing Ape Cycling Gloves

From condoms to umbrellas, Nigo just keeps producing everything he can think of. Now he comes out with these Bape cycling gloves which comes in two versions, the normal and the simple. The normal version (left picture) fits good for all your bike riding. The Bape logo is made of rubber and is on the topl side. The ape logo is embroidered on the palm side. For the simple version (right picture), on first impression, it just looks like a simple glove. However, when you look at the palm part, the Ape logo is nicely embroidered on it. The top side is a mesh material.

via [Ace-Net]

Raygun Rosswell Wristbands!

You've seen the Nike Raygun Rosswell Dunks everywhere. Go to every forum or site and you'll find a pictures of it. But what you may not have seen before are these cool Raygun Rosswell wristbands! Just like the Rayguns, they comes in two color schemes, "Home" and "Away". Great to match your newly acquired shoes!

via [Immense]

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Sneaker Pimps Philippines

Sneaker Pimps, the world's largest sneaker exhibition showing up to 500 pairs of rare sneakers, hits the Philippines!

Venue: The Loft, Rockwell Center, Makati City
Opening Night Party: Saturday 5th of Febuary from 8:00pm till late.
Talents: Philippines' hottest urdan dj's - DJ Bliss, DJ Zach alongside MC Dash.
Music: Hip-Hop, R&B, Reggae Dancehall.
Doors open 9pm. Free drinks till supply last.

via [Niketalk]

Nike Dunk High Euro Exclusive

A simple but nice Euro Exclusive Nike Dunk High which is available in European Footlockers. It has a classic look with it's white upper and sole. The black swoosh and green shoe laces gives some color accent. These days, all dunks have wild crazy colors. It's comforting that some simple and plain colorways still exist.

via [ashoes]

Nigo Revenge of The Ape Sounds

If you though Bathing Ape only came out with clothes, then think again. Nigo's own record company "APE Sound" presents this album to the world showing that he's more than only clothes. Tracks on the CD include the Bape TV opening theme song. In addition, one of the songs features Hong Kong Hip Hop artist Edison Chen. Nigo continually expands his ever growing empire with this new CD release.

via [HMV Japan]

In-Crowd Series 9 Major Moulty's Amazing Magical Plastic Band

The In-Crowd series 9 features Major Moulty's Amazing Magical Plastic Band which is part of an anti-culture self-expression movement due to the second wave of the 1960s British Invasion. They're like the Beatles but without the drugs.

via [one40fivestore]

Nike Air Force 1 by Mo

This limited Nike Air Force 1 by the artist Mo will be available in very limited numbers in Spring '05. Mo's famous for his single, uninterupted, non-intersecting, hand-drawn line artwork which he calls Labryntine Projection(TM). You may have seen his art at your skateboard shops. Nike SB featured his unique drawing as a promotional poster.

via [Virtual Mo]

Nike Delta Force Deluxe

Presenting the Nike Delta Force Deluxe of the "skin pack"! Like the snake skin Air Force 1 you may have seen before, this Delta Force also uses the same snake skin style.


Pony Shooter '78 High

PONY's new model "shooter '78 High". It's use of canvas cloth makes this sneaker very light. It is also easy to wear and very colorful. The V letter on the side is the trademark of Pony. Along with the colorful color scheme and the inexpensive price tag, this Pony makes a great buy.

via [ashoes]

Nike Air Jordan 1.5 Carmelo

With the 20th anniversary of the Nike Air Jordan series, Nike announced this limited commemoration model dubbed "Carmelo". Included is a silver shoe box, keychain and some 2005 card prints. It comes in a couple of different color combinations: Black/Black, Black/Blue, White/Blue and White/Red. All these colors commemorate the greatest basketball player in history.

via [ashoes]

Robosapien V2, Robopet, and Roboraptor

Last year, WowWee introduced a robotic toy (Robosapien) which swept the world gaining mass popularity. This year, WowWee will be releasing some new robots including the Robosapien V2, Robopet and Roboraptor. Similar to Robosapien, these new robots will can be controlled by using a remote controller. In addition, there is an option where you can let your robots just roam around your house by itself. These new versions will be able to interact with people and other robots from this line. Robosapien V2 will be available in December 2005 just in time for Christmas. It will cost $200. Robopet will be available in October 2005 for $69.99 and Roboraptor will be available in August 2005 for $99.

via [GadgetMadness]

PSP Reviewed

If you're one of those lucky people who have hook ups to the PSP or if you can afford those crazy ebay prices, you probably won't need to read this. But if you're one of those people who's drooling and still anticipating for the release for the PSP, then this is a nice review to look at. Overall, the PSP's functions include playing music, video, pictures and of course games. It has a awesome screen that makes "games feel like full size console games" and the PSP itself looks sweet.

Full review via [The Gadgeteer]

Monday, January 31, 2005

Adidas Concord Snake

This is the 2nd reissue of the Adidas Concord which was released a year ago. It is a deeply desired re-release with its cool snakeskin feature. In addition, these mids will give you extra ankle support with it's velco straps.

via [Shoe-Planet]

Bling Bling Led Belt Buckle

Bling Bling gets digital. This "iced out" belt buckle allows you to display your own messages on the led screen. You can write any message you like and it will scroll across the screen. With memory enough to store up to 6 messages, and 9 speed and brightness setting, you're bound to attract some attention. It's $99.95 at Iced Out Gear.

via [Cool Hunting]

Bread & Butter Berlin Event Pictures

Bread & Butter Berlin event pictures are up at BeingHunted. There's a picture of the upcoming Mexico Dunk! Go check it out.

via [BeingHunted]

Bape x Kaws Collaboration Part 2!

Part 2 of the collaboration between New York graphic artist Kaws and Bape. This time, Baby Milo is arranged with the cross bones found in the Kaws. It is 100% cotton and the milo monkey face tag is attached to the left sleeve. On the back near the neck, the "BAPE√óKAWS" is printed on. This is one of the best collaborations of the season!

via [Stay 246]