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Saturday, February 12, 2005

Nike Air Max 1 Sample / Air Force 1 Camo

New sample of the Nike Air Max 1 Special Edition!! This new sample of the Nike Air Max 1 comes in a smooth olive green color with a pink tag on the tongue giving it a burst of color. The toe uses the new foam material like the "Kermit" Dunks that we've introduced before. This is a truly innovative shoe that I'll be looking forward to.

This new Camo Air Force 1 is very nice. With it's sweet camo pattern, it matches your Bathing Ape Camo Jackets very well. As competition between shoe makers grows, Nike adds more details when producing their shoes which in the end is a good thing for us consumers. Details such as the bottom sole of the shoe which also has the camo pattern!! In addition, the inner sole has the camo pattern too!! No lack of details on this shoe!

Full Pictures Here.


Nike Air Jordan XX Lows

Nike is celebrating 20 years of their popular Air Jordans with the release of the Air Jordan XX. The Air Jordan XX will be making it's debut at the NBA All Star Game 2005. The picture of the right is the Lows version of the shoe (Find more about the Hi version HERE). The Low version will come in two colors: White/Blue and Black/Green. The laser effect Nike's famous for, will be put on the front of the shoe. This shoe is perfect for both casual wear and for basketball use!

Full Pictures Here.

[Crooked Tongues]

Adidas Superstar 35th Anniversary Andy Warhol / Lee Quinones

Saturday is a slow day for updates but I try to bring you something to look at. Here's some very detailed pictures of the Andy Warhol and Lee Quinones from the adidas 35th Anniversary. First the Andy Warhol (#8) takes the color from the NBA team, Los Angeles Lakers. Using Abdul Jabbar's picture and Andy Warhol's style, adidas creates this to commenorate both artist and basketball player. Andy Warhol's works include the "Campbell soup can" and the Marilyn Monroe painting.

Full Pictures Here.

This is the Lee Quinones version of the adidas Superstar (#10). Lengendary Lee Quinones is from the New York's graffiti scene and his work had has great effects on the art world. The design of the shoe is inspired by New York's subways and the hip hop scene.

Full Pictures Here.


Adidas Jabber Lo Vintage

Here are some detailed pics of the adidas Jabber Lo Vintage. This reissue of the original Jabber Lo really brings back the vintage look with the yellow soles and the original colors. On the tongue, there's the original Abdul Jabber logo as well.

Full Pictures Here.


Nike Dunk Hi black/white

New Nike Dunk Hi in black/white color. This simple color scheme is similar to the recent Nike Dunk Hi SB "Ghost". Sometimes keeping it simple maybe better than making things too complicated. This will be an inexpensive shoe as well so you won't have to pay marked up SB prices.

[LTD Online]


For this new Porter x Essential Designs coin case, strong material is used to make it last through rough use. With the strap included, you can easily attach it to your belt for easy access. This coin case comes in two colors, black and khaki. It's simple colors makes it easy to match your clothes as well.

Full Pictures Here.


Number (N)ine X Jam Home Made Acrylic Necklace

This new transparent necklace made of acrylic looks pretty sweet. Inside the arcylic case, there's a heart and a tear representing maybe the joys and sadness of love. This accessory could be worn by both men or women or given to your significant other as Valentine nears.

Full Pictures Here.


Friday, February 11, 2005

Nike X Barneys X Kid Robot Air Max 1 Released!!

People started lining up early in the morning and in the end, over 200 people stormed into Barneys, hungry for their pair of Nike Kid Robot Air Max 1s. In less than 2 hours, all pairs were gone. Some pairs have even gone up on ebay already! Overall, from what people say, the event was bit crazy and unorganized with people cutting in the line. Hope it turns out better for the next big line up.

More Pictures Here.


Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Graffiti!!

These new converse are quite eye catching. Instead of graffiti on walls, trains or bridges, Legendary Bronx graffiti artist Cope II leaves his mark on this Converse All Star. "The left shoe shows an airbrushed "Converse", while the right shoe displays Cope II's rendition of "All Star". Both inner sides are white, with the signature All Star patch."

Full Pictures Here.


Kickz Inc. Store in Queens NYC!!

Kickz Inc. is an established store in Queens, New York! They have been opened for about 2 years and is the only store in Queens, NY that carries Quickstrike Jordans, JD Sports and Nike SBs and OG Jordans all in one location! In addition, they will be coming out with their own limited clothing line in June 2005. Three dope shirts will be released, each limited to 25 pieces! Check out a preview of it in the April/May issue of Complex Magazine. If you're close by, go take a look! What you'll find are friendly staff members and great prices!

90-18 Corona Ave.
Queens, New York
Tel: (718) 271-1600

More Pictures of the Store Here!

Medicom Berserk Mickey Vinyl!!

When you think of Mickey Mouse, you think of the happy smiling mouse that everyone loves. This vinyl is the extreme opposition. It's Berserk Mickey! Produced by Medicom, this 6" vinyl figure is from Disney's short film "Runaway Brain". It will be out on March 15, 2005 for $59.99.


PLUS 81: Special Issue Blue Ribbons

This book is dedicated to the entire history of Nike. It features the entire collection of Takatoshi Akutagawa, one of the most famous Nike shoe collectors in the world. Furthermore, the book is authorized by Nike so you're guarenteed to see some good stuff! It comes in both Japanese and English. Get yours today for $45.00.

Preview Pictures Here.


New Nike Delta Force SB!!

We all know that Delta Forces are not that popular compared to Dunks. However, if you're getting bored of dunks, maybe you can try getting one of these. This new Nike Delta Force SB has a nice color combination. The red and black reminds people of the Jordan colorway. Another bonus is that this SB has a gum sole! Also included is the usual zoom air sole. They inexpensive and good looking so if want something fresh, get these.

A Lot of Close Ups Here.


Neighborhood x Porter Checkered Bag!!

Another big collaboration between big brands. Neighborhood is a popular clothing brand in Japan and you probably heard about them recently because of the adidas 35th Anniversary Superstar series. Porter, also a Japanese Brand, has been making bags for a long time. Together, they create this new checkered bag that's made of wool. It comes in two colors: green/black and grey/back.

Full Pictures Here.

[Cliff Edge]

Medicom x Imaginary Forces "Mark" Kubrick

Imaginary Forces designs and creates this new "Mark" Kubrick. It will be produced by Japanese Toy Giant Medicom. This "Mark" Kubrick stands 2 1/4" tall and will be the first Imaginary Force toy for collection. What's Imaginary Forces? In a nutshell, they're and entertainment and design firm based in Hollywood and New York. They have done a ton of work which includes Blade 3: Trinity and Metal Gear Solid 2's opening title.

[Imaginary Forces]

Puma Bessier

These new Puma Bessiers are pretty extreme. Puma seemed to go crazy on this design. Supposely, those big teeth on the sole are used for better traction and stopping. To me, they seem to be used to attack your nearest prey. Only 24 pairs are made, 12 in black and 12 in white and will come in a arcylic case. Check out more pictures at Sneaker Freaker.

[Sneaker Freaker]

Thursday, February 10, 2005

2005 Bathing Ape Camo Sweat!

This Camo Bathing Ape Sweat Shirt is new for 2005. It has been pre-washed giving you a more vintage feeling and as usual the Bape tag is on the left sleeve's cuff. This new item will come in a limited quantity.

Full Picture Here.



Remember to sign up for the Hypebeast x one40five Store Silas Tee Giveaway/Competition! Winner will receive one Silas Tee from the New Spring/Summer '05 line!

Click HERE for all the details!

Steve Rosswick Makes Cool Tees!!

We recently had a talk with T-Shirt Designer/Maker, Steve Rosswick. We asked him about his new t-shirt line and this is what he had to say:

"My name is Steve Rosswick and I opened the doors to my clothing line recently. This is my inaugural season and so far the reception we've gotten is far more than we ever expected. The Steve Rosswick Collection specializes in casual clothing, currently offering T-Shirts and Henleys and in the near future will be offering Hoodies, Jackets, Leisure Polos and dressier shirts. We also offer limited edition prints to decorate your Dorm, Apartment, Condo, Office or Home. All of my shirts are of the slim-fitting sort so they carry a snug and youthful look that really looks great on everyone. The designs I offer are created by myself; and encompass a vast array of techniques that I've picked up from all around, including Urban, Retro, Stylized, Sketched, Abstract, etc. One of the key aspects that set me apart from other designers, is I don't follow traditional 'Seasons' when it comes to releasing designs. Most will release, say, 15 designs for Spring/Summer and 15 for Fall/Winter. I will release a line for Spring that includes 10 designs, but I will release designs throughout the entire year. All of my shirts too, are produced in small quantities, ensuring quality; but also ensuring that each design is rare, a collector's piece for the Fashion conosseiur. "

More Pictures of his Tees.

Check out his Tees at: www.steverosswick.com

More Nike Samples for the Upcoming Year!!

Yes, the picture on the right is actually by Nike. It's called the Nike Air Chukka Moc and luckily it's for the ladies. I'm guessing that these are probably inpired by the recently popular Ugg boots. Anyhow, there are more samples than just this one. Other samples include Womens Air 180, Women's Dunk Low, Vandal Hi Canvas, Air Baltoro 2, Air Max 90, Vector and Vengence!

ALL Sample Pictures HERE.

[Chapter World]

Nike Dunk Low SB White/Classic Green!!

New Nike Dunk Low SB is out! (well, at least in Asia). This clean and traditional dunk SB uses the simple but exquisite color combination of white and classic green. When I look at this shoe, it gives me a very classy "tennis" shoe feeling. It seems like all the Nike Dunk SB's this year are reverting back to simple colors and normal leather not like last year with wild colors and crazy materials.

Full Pictures HERE!


Bathing Ape Baby Lisa Tee!!

New release from Bape includes this Baby Lisa Tee. This Baby Lisa Tee is perfect for ladies. Baby Lisa is kind of like Minnie Mouse whereas Baby Milo is like Mickey Mouse. Would make a perfect gift for your girlfriend!

Full Picture Here.



BountyXHunter Fans rejoice! This new set include four different types of BXH figures. These new figures will make a great addition to your toy display!

Full Pictures Here.


James Jarvis Office Archetype Giveaway!

STRANGEco is giving away a set James Jarvis' Amos figures. This is a special 7 piece set called the "Office Archetype" initially created for a Nokia promotion. All you have to do is enter your name and email and you will be entered into the draw. (I don't know why I'm posting this. The more people, the less chances I'll win!)



ST0404 Connoisseurs Customs "RESPECT"

Not everyone who customizes shoes are as famous as individuals such as Methaphibian or SBTG but sneaker customizer ST0404 ranks among them. ST0404, based in Singapore, has been producing high quality customs for a long time. His latest release is dedicated to the famous artist Futura. He takes the "Dunkle" style and applies it to a adidas women's shoe. The result is a highly detailed job!

Full Pictures Here.

New Nike Force 180

This year will be the year for the 180s to take over. With so many colorways coming out, it's hard to decide which one to get! Crooked Tongues pictures of the grey/grey Force 180 that will be coming out soon. Check their page for more details.

Sample Picture

[Crooked Tongues]

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Mad Foot! Mad Professor High!!

The popularity of this model continues as Mad Foot! releases this the Mad Professor High! There's improvements to the insole so wearing it for long hours will not cause your feet to get tired. The use of suede is a great addition as well! Comes in three different color schemes. The dark brown/dark green/orange pair uses more suede than the others! These are "MAD" nice!

Full Pictures Here.

[Chapter World]

Air Jordan Retro 13 XIII Altitude Green!!

These Air Jordan Retro XIII 13 are newly released from Nike. The colorway is so nice. In addition to being so super hot, these are quite limited! It comes with the usual Jordan cards and comes in the 20th anniversary box!

Full Pictures Here.


Sneaker Pimps Philippines Update!

Here are some pictures of the Sneaker Pimps Tour in Philippines! Sneaker Pimps is the largest sneaker tour in the world! At a Sneaker Pimps event, you can expect to see the rarest, illess, and most unique shoes on Planet Earth!

Full Pictures Here.



We are teaming up with one40five to host a tee competition!! All you have to do is answer a simple question and if you get the answer right, you will be entered into the draw. One lucky winner will be given a Silas tee from the upcoming spring/summer '05 line! So are you ready?! Here comes the question!

"How many Sea Mine logos are on the front page of the ONE40FIVE Store's main sales website?"

Please send your answer to: info@one40fivestore.com. One entry per household. Deadline is Monday Febuary 14th, 2005!!!

Adidas Superstar 35th Anniversary ROC-A-FELLA

Here are some preview pictures of the upcoming Adidas Superstar 35th Anniversary ROC-A-FELLA which is part of the Music Series. As usual, it has a nice clear sole which displays "ROC-A-FELLA RECORDS", the big hip hop record company. This shoe along with the rest of the Music Series will not be available until March 2005.

Full Picture Here.

[LTD Online]

GIANT "Ghonner" Vinyl Figure

This is the the third character in Tim Biskup's "Alphabeast" series. Dont let the tiny picture fool you. It measures 23 inches tall which is HUGE. They're limited to 100 pieces and comes with a signed and numbered insert. In addition, each figure comes in a beautiful full color printed box. It would make a great display. These kind of remind me of a gianatic salt/peper shaker.

Full Pictures Here.

[Flopdooddle Store]

Nike Air Burst

This is the new Limited Nike Air Burst. It was first released in 1995 and has recently been re-issued. It has a 270 degree visible air which supplies the great cushioning. This new color and the nubuck material used is looking great. Tongue and toe areas are a mesh like material. It's a beautiful shoe and should be given more credit.

Full Pictures Here


Comme des Garcons x Porter Pouch

Brand new collaboration between two big brands. This Comme des Garcons x Porter pouch is quite colorful and with it's checkered pattern, it has no problem turning heads. It is big enough to fit a digital camera and a cellphone. Once you open the first flap, you'll find a bigger opening perfect for your camera and a second flap which can hold your cellphone. It can be either attached to your belt or you could attach it elsewhere because it includes a clip. It comes in two different colors.

Full Pictures Here.


Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Adidas Sky Walker Preview

Being Hunted has a preview of the upcoming Adidas Sky Walker which will be released sometime in the summer. When you think of Sky Walker and the colorway of this shoe, you'll probably think of Star Wars. However, it is not offical that there is a relationship between Adidas and Star Wars. Check out Being Hunted for more pictures and info.

[Being Hunted]

Invisible Man x éS

éS, a popular skate brand collaborates with Invisible Man to release this very limited shoe. You may know Invisible Man (Andrew Lee) from his collaboration with Stussy recently. Now he teams up with éS to create this nice brown/orange shoe with very detailed croc skin overlays. Check it out at Crooked Tongues.

[Crooked Tongues]

New Silas Shirts and Upcoming Tee Giveaway!

The guys at One40five Store will be carrying these new spring/summer '05 Silas shirts. Go check them out!

All Pictures Here.

In addition, Hypebeast and One40five will be teaming up to host a t-shirt competition. All you have to do is answer a simple question and you will be entered into the draw. The lucky winner will win a Silas shirt. More details will be released in these few days. Please check back!

Headporter X-Pack D-Pack Backpack

Headporter releases this nice X-Pack D-Pack Backpack. Instead of the usual square shaped backpacks, this features a unique roundish shape. The backpack is made of a special high-tech material that makes it last a long time. The great design along with the use of high quality material makes this backpack score high on the hypebeast-o-meter.

Detailed Pictures Here.


Headporter Savanna i-Pod Mini Case

You've probably seen tons of i-Pod cases out there but you wouldn't want to miss this one. It's by the popular Japanese Brand, Headporter. This Savanna i-Pod mini case has the usual openings for where the earphone cords passes through. There's a belt at the back on the case so you can attach it to your pants. In addition, there's a ring at the top giving you more ways to carry your i-Pod mini!

Detailed Pictures Here.


Lebron 2 Allstars Edition

The popularity of the Lebron Series continues with this Lebron 2 all stars edition in grey/blue/white! The release date is officially February 14th but some stores are releasing them. This high performance model has a visible full length Zoom AIR cushion which gives cushioning onto front and back. Also, the artistic, highly detailed laser is adminstered onto the shoe. In addition, comes with a removable strap.

Full Pictures Here


Adidas Superstar 35th Anniversary Run DMC

These Adidas Superstar 35th Anniversary "Run DMC" of the Music Series are not officially out until March 2005 but of course some people manage to get a pair before hand. Here are some preview pictures of it. Run DMC is a hip hop group that's largely responsible for the style of rap we have today. Their first album was in 1983 and since then Run DMC has brought rap into the mainstream of music. They even have a song called "My Adidas". These accomplishments make them well suited for being chosen for the Music Series.

All Pictures Here.
Pictures by mepal47.

via [fuk.co.uk]

Nike X Barneys X Kid Robot Air Max 1

New pictures of Kid Robot's collaboration with Nike Air Max 1 at Freshness. They will be released at Barneys in New York on Febuary 11, 2005.

via [Freshness]

Monday, February 07, 2005

Bape X Kaws Tees Part 3

Yesterday I introduced part 3 of the Bape X Kaws collaboration but only introduced the sweat shirt and hoody version and missed the tee. This 2005 tee is a collaboration of grafitti artist KAWS and Bape if you didn't know already. The colorful "BAPExx" logo is in the is largely printed on the front. It's made of 100% cotton and the usual Ape face tag is attached to the left sleeve. The "BAPExx" comes in two different color schemes.

Full Pictures Here.

via [Stay246]

Puma Rookie Gold

I'm not a big Puma fan but this shoe is quite nice. It's the Puma Rookie Gold which is a re-release and this shoe adopts the cracked leather style (like Huf Dunk SB). The use of the color black along with the metalic gold makes the shoe real nice. In addition, suede is used for the overlay parts. The back of the shoe features a big Puma logo.

via [Rocket]

Headporter Black Beauty Monogram Wallet

Popular Japanese Brand Headporter releases this new Black Beauty Monogram wallet. It has tons of space for your cash and cards. Pockets included are 2 slots for cash, 3 slots of cards, 1 clear slot for pictures, 2 other pockets and one extermal pocket for coins. Because of the external pocket, coins are easily accessible. Headporter started in 1962 and has been producing bags, wallets and more since then. Recently they have collaborated with Playstation to create a PSP case as well.

Full Pictures Here

via [Ace-Web]

Nike Air Force 1 Mid "Dirk"

You've probably seen this before but if you haven't, this is the new Nike Air Force 1 Mid "Dirk". I'm posting this shoe again because there are now detailed pictures for you enjoy. This quickstrike limited shoe is inspired by Dirk Nowitzki of the NBA team Dallas Mavericks. The color scheme is from the Dallas Maverick's Jersey and with the patent leather overlays, this is a really nice shoe.

Full Pictures Here.

via [essence]

Nike Terminator Low 2005 Mardi Gras Edition

What better way to celebrate Mardi Gras then to wear these this month! The Mardi Gras is a traditional holiday celebrated in many of the southern states of the US. The most famous celebration takes place in New Orleans, Louisiana. The people there enjoy this celebration by going to parades where they catch "beads, doubloons, cups, and trinkets" that are all thrown from floats. In addition, the Mardi Gras is known for females flashing their "property". If you wear these, maybe you'll get lucky.

Full Pictures Here.

via [PickYourShoes]

Still looking for the Perfect Valentines Gift?

These cute creatures will sure bring joy for your significant other! They're call Poppings and they're 100% Handmade by Friends with You. "Poppings carries and nurtures an underdeveloped litter as his feet. One day they'll disembark and begin adventures of their own...Litter snaps off (extras included)." $19.95 at Kidrobot.

Full Picture Here.

via [Kidrobot]