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Saturday, February 19, 2005

Vancouver Sneaker Summit!!

Today was Vancouver's first Sneaker Summit presented by Flat-Footed. It was a pretty good turn out! We first met up at Vital, Vancouver's premier skateboard shop which is located on Robson Street in the heart of Downtown Vancouver. Vital carries all the skateboarding brands including Stussy, DC, Freshjive, Circa, es, Zoo York and a ton more. And of course they carry all the Nike SBs. With good pricing and great staff, this is definity a shop to check out if you're in the Vancouver Area.

Pictures at Vital.

The Vancouver Summit Crew went to eat lunch afterwards but I left =). They went to Nike New Age Sports, Dipt and Livestock. Their last stop was Headquarter where the "Sneaker Showoff" was held. I came back to check it out. People showed off their rare Air Jordans, Nike Dunks and Nike Trainers! It was great to see these rare sneakers. Headquarter is a great store for unique sneakers that you won't find at the regular shoe shops. They carry a lot of brands such as Nike (Quickstrikes), adidas, Vans, Bathing Ape, and lots more. They also carry a lot of toys such as Kaws, Kubricks, Be@rbricks, James Jarvis toys and a bunch more! They also carry very unique tees as well.

Pictures at Headquarter.

Bathing Ape Cellphone Strap!!

Now you can Ape out your cellphone with this colorful Bathing Ape Camo Cellphone Strap!

Full Pictures Here.

[Concept Shop]

Stussy Website Relaunched!!

Stussy has relaunched their website. You can now buy from their regular line to their customade and limited edition clothing online!! There is also clothing for girls and accessories!

[Being Hunted]

Sneaker Pimps China 2005!!

Sneaker Pimps will be held in China in both Beijing AND China!! In addition both Futura and Methamphibian will be making customs specially for this event!!

Place: Jianwai Soho (RM. SH-4102 No. 39 Dong San Huan Zhong Lu )
Opening Day (VIP Only): 2005-2-25 (9pm – 12am)
Open to Public: 2005-2-26\27 (10am –6pm)

Place: 2 F Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center (No.100 Ren Ming DA Dao)
Opening Day (VIP Only):2005-3-4 (9pm—12am)
Open to public: 2005-3-5/6 (10am—6pm)


Nike Dunk Sample!!

A member in Niketalk posted pictures of a new Nike Dunk Low Sample. Member "allout46" took the picture from a sporting good store in Binghamton NY. The colors along with the nubuck material is pretty good. Hopefully we'll see these in stores sometime in the future.

All Pictures Here


Nike Air Max Groove!!

This Nike Air Max Groove is part of the Fall 2005 Element Pack. It is a combination between the classic running shoe design and the mid and outter sole of the Air Max 1 series.


Friday, February 18, 2005

"One + One" Dog Vinyl!!

You could own this cute two headed dog! It's called the "One + One" and is released by a Japanese company called Gorin 5. It comes in 5 different colors and will be limited to 40 pieces each.

Full Picture Here.


Nike Air Force 1 LA

I hope this isn't an old shoe. I hate it when I post something that's old. With all these colors coming out for the same shoe, it's hard to keep track of what's new and what's not. Anyway, if you havn't seen this, this is the Nike Air Force 1 LA. It comes in a deep purple color with a gold colored swoosh. If I'm not mistaken, this is the second "LA" Air Force 1 Shoe. Even the tag on the tongue has "LA" on it.

Full Pictures Here.


Bathing Ape Reversible Jacket!!

This is one reversible jacket you won't want to miss out!! This nylon Bathing Ape Jacket is hot! On one side, it comes in either a plain black or white jacket with a little Ape logo on the chest. The other side of the Jacket is a different story. The jacket uses the color pattern similar to the hoody Pharrell wore. It's great for spring time use because the material is light and keeps you dry from the rain. But you probably won't want to get it for those reasons only!!

Full Pictures Here.


Bathing Ape Milo Tote Bag!

A simple tote bag from Bathing Ape. This Bape tote bag is done in a Milo monogram pattern. From wallets to magazines, this bag is big enough to carry almost anything! Great for everyday use.

Full Pictures Here.


East Pak Backpack

When you think of nice backpacks, you'll probably think of brands such as Supreme or North Face. However, the East Pak backpacks should not be missed out. This new item from East Pak is the casual Padded Pak. At first glance, the Padded Pak looks like any other backpack but it's unique because it uses rubber for the shoulder part of the straps. A lot of manufacturers miss out on these little details therefore many backpacks tend to slide off your shoulders but this Padded Pak makes it difficult for it to slide off. These backpack comes in four colors: black, brown, green and white. East Pak also has a line of CD cases, coin cases and wallets!

Full Pictures Here.

[Chapter World]

Reebok Pump Bringback

First introduced in 1989, the Pumps were an instance success! Reebok now brings back this classic shoe and in a new color! The Pump Bringback now comes in this cool black/orange color. These will be limited and will also come in a white/black/grey color.

Full Picture Here.


Preview of a Ton of New Shoes!!

At the Denver All Star weekend, a ton of new shoes for spring, summer, fall AND winter were out for preview. Here is a list of the upcoming shoes:

Jordan 4 Lasers (White/Fire Red, Black/Red, 3M Pistons Blue), Harlem Air Force 1, All Star Air Force 1, Lebron Laser Air Force 1, Jordan Dub Zero (Yellow, Blue & Black), Jordan 7 Jeter PE w/Cleats, Winter Air Force 1 with Gore Tex, New Years Black Patent Leather Dunk, New Years Air Force 1 (Carbon Fiber?), COF Air Force 1 (1/1 Samples), + MORE"

Check out Freshness for all the pictures.


Thursday, February 17, 2005

Hypebeast in Seattle!!

This morning, I headed to Seattle (since Vancouver is quite close) to check out the sneaker scene down there. I didn't have enough time to go to all the shops I wanted to but I did see some interesting stuff. First stop was Niketown. I believe Canada has only one Niketown and that's in Toronto so this place was a must go. Besides, who could miss it? It's right smack in the center of downtown. Anyway, Nike seems to be heavily promoting their Nike Free 5.0 shoe. The display windows were filled Nike Free posters. In the store, staff were verbally promoting as well. It made ME want to buy a pair but I'm not a big runner so I had to pass. In addition to the Nike Free 5.0, they had the Mardi Gras Pack in stock, the Lebron 2 Allstar, Jordan XX, and some more. They didn't let me take pictures inside so I don't remember the rest. Full Picture Here.

Next stop was Goods. Goods is primarily a skateboard shop. They carry all the new Nike SBs including the Nike Dunk Rayguns! They also had the Raygun apparel!! The track suit, the track pants, the hoodies and t-shirts were all there. They also carry other brands of clothing like Stussy and of course they have skateboards. Probably the best spot for SB shoes in Seattle. Full Picture Here.

Third shop I went to was Capitol 1524. This place is HEAVEN for any sneakerheads. They carry almost everything! They had almost all the Nike quickstrike shoes, a lot of adidas shoes including the 35th Anniversary Superstars, and a bunch of Nike basketball shoes too! No rape prices either! There's also a nice sale rack where you can find some bargains as well. Full Picture Here.

Art of Puma

It was first released way back in 1989. Puma has re-released this artistic looking shoe called "Art of Puma". It's designed by a couple of unknown Japanese artists in West Germany and mimics the original version as close as possible.

Full Pictures Here.


Nike Air Max 90!!

This Nike Air Max 90 is brand new for spring 2005! The Nike Air Max 90 first came out in 1990s obviously and has been a popular retro shoe since. This new colorway is chino/dark obsidian-birch. On the toe box and around the ankles there's mesh. In addition, black markings gives this Air Max 90 an unique look.

Full Pictures Here.


New Balance 1500 / Nike P-Rod Pictures!!

Crooked Tongues has released some pictures of the new NB 1500 and Nike P-Rods. The NB 1500 recently became more popular with the released of the Crooked Tongue x NB 1500 version. Now, this new NB 1500 like this orange/blue/white color scheme is coming out for spring/summer season! Looks awesome! What's more awesome is the details on the Nike P-Rods. From the outside to the inside, every part of this shoe carefully uses only the best material. First, the leather with the P-Rod monogram looks great. The swoosh and the tongue has this cool looking woven material. The sole also has the P-Rod monogram and finally the back and the toe has some good looking suede. More detailed pictures at Crooked Tongues.

[Crooked Tongues]

Adidas Superstar 35th Anniversary Video!!

Check out this cool video on the adidas website! The video stylishly introduces all 35 pairs of Superstars!


Bathing Ape Long Sleeve Hoody "Twinsta"

The super simple front side is a total constrast to the awesome logo on the back. The "Ape Shall Never Kill Ape" is incorporated with the Twinsta symbol to create one nice logo. It comes in three different colors: Light Grey, Dark Grey and Navy Blue. This Bathing Ape hoody is great for spring where the weather is not too hot nor too cold.

Full Pictures Here.


Comme des Garcons x Porter Glasses Case

Our favorite glasses or sunglasses should be kept in a great case to keep it from damage. This Comme des Garcons x Porter glasses case does the job and in style. In addition to storing your glasses, it comes with an extra zip pocket to store any other stuff. It easily attaches to your belt with the strap at the back. Also included is a clip if you want to clip it elsewhere. Finally, you can get rid of your ugly glasses cases!!

Full Pictures Here.


Nike Air Trainer 3 Mardi Gras

The 2005 Mardi Gras pack consisted of the Air Force 1 and the Terminator. Now this brand new Nike Air Trainer 3 joisn the Mardi Gras pack. Colors on this shoe resemble the other two shoes but without the crazy pattern the Air Force 1 had.

Full Pictures Here.


Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Jason Siu's "Woogie"

Jason Siu, the toy designer who created these cool looking speaker toys will be releasing his "Woogie" in a blue jersey version. These vinyls are 20" tall and are fully functional speakers. Just plug them into your hi fi and let Woogie rock the music!

Full Picture Here.


Pony City Wings Lo!!

Whenever I see a Pony shoe, I always think of Snoop Dogg. Maybe it's because I saw him on Jay Leno one time promoting this Pony x Snoop Dogg special edition shoe. Anyhow, Pony is a bit overlooked here in North America and these new Pony City Wings should not be overlooked. With nice colors and suede like overlays, who could miss out on them! Also in a white/red/black color.

More Pictures Here.


Adidas Croc Skin Forum

With the increasing popularity of this series, adidas releases the forum in black and red croc skin. Unlike other "brands", the adidas Forum makes the croc skin look very real. Previously, it came in a brown color. Now, adidas released them in a black low version and a red mid version.

Pictures of Black Low Forum.
Pictures of Red Mid Forum.


Vans x Stüssy XXV / Nike Air 180 Nom de Guerre

Being Hunted has some new pictures of the Vans x Stüssy XXV. If your forgetting your elementary school mathamatics (like me), XXV in roman numerals is 25.

In addition, Being Hunted has new pictures of the Nike Air 180 which will first released at Nom de Guerre in New York City. Along with the release of this Air 180, they will be selling the "Hare 180" figures and tees.

[Being Hunted]

Nike Vortex / Adidas ZX 700

Nike has recently re-released the whole V series which include the Vengence and the Vector. This new Nike Vortex, which is also a part of the V series, is a reissue of the original 1980's shoe. With it's mesh like material and the shiny silver colors, this is no doubt one of the hottest shoe of the year.

More Pictures of the Nike Vortex.

Also a reissued shoe, the original 1980's adidas ZX series gets a face lift. This ZX 700 combines different materials like 3M relective panels in the mesh and synthetic leather upper to create one new look. The ZX 700 in grey/black/sunlight color will be available at JD Sports.

More Pictures of the Adidas ZX700

[JD Sports]

Nike Womens Air Force 1 / Terminator Hi "White Day"

White Day is a Japanese holiday which is equivalent to Valentines day where usually men express their love by giving their loved one a gift. The four leaf clover which is embroided on the shoe, represents love and good fortune. For the Air Force 1, the back of the shoe uses patent leather as well. Even the inside sole has a four left clover pattern! It also comes with an extra pair of green shoe laces. Along with the nice leather and simple colors, this shoe makes a great gift to your female friends on White Day.

Full Pictures Here.


Bathing Ape Bapesta for Kids!!

Now your kids can rock Bathing Ape shoes too with these kid size Bapestas. Made of patent leather, this Bapesta has the Milo logo embroided at the heel of the shoe. It also has a velcro to make it easy for kids to put them on. Get these and train your child to be a "Hypebeast" early!

Full Pictures Here.


Tuesday, February 15, 2005

HazMaPo figures!!

Released by UNKL, these HazMaPo figures are here to protect you! These figures will be limited to 500 each for the A1 colorway and 100 for the A2 colorway. They come individually or in a set of 3 and will be 4" tall.


Kozik Bone Bunny!!

These cool smoking rabbits are called Kozik Bone Bunnies. They're designed by Frank Kozik and produced by toy giant Medicom. These Bone Bunnies feature a removable top to reveal a more evil side of them.

"Frank Kozik was born in Madrid, Spain in 1962. At the age of 14, he moved to the United States and settled in Austin Texas. Credited with single handedly reviving the "lost" art of the concert poster, Frank's creative career grew largely out of his enthusiasm for Austin's growing underground rock scene in the mid-eighties. Starting with black and white flyers for friends' bands posted on telephone polls, his reputation grew as an artist whose work was graphically compelling as well as culturally gripping. "


Bathing Ape Reversible Rainbow Long Sleeve Shirt!!

With the popularity of reversible shirts growing, Bathing Ape creates this Milo reversible shirt. On one side, is a regular Baby Milo logo but if you flip it to the other side, you'll get a rainbow pattern shirt. It also comes in 3 colors: orange, black and brown each with a differen't rainbow pattern. Great for matching shoes like the Atmos Air Max 95 or the new Rainbow/Black Air Max 95

Full Pictures Here.


Nike Considered released at la Posteria Milano

la Posteria Milano in Milan has released the Nike Considered to the public. They had a nice display which included a Nike Considered shoe taken apart and disected. Pretty nice shoe with the woven toe and the suede like material!

More Pictures of the Event Here.


Adidas Superstar 35th Anniversary Music Series!!

After adidas released the Artist series in Febuary, the next ones to be release is the Music Series!! The Music Series will include:

#15 Run DMC
#16 Ian Brown
#17 Red Hot Chili Peppers
#18 Roc-A-Fella
#19 Underworld/Tomato
#20 Bad Boy
#21 Missy Elliott

They will be released sometime in March 2005! Although not as limited as the previous series, they will still be limited to 5000 pairs each worldwide!! There seems to be a lot of "hype" around the #19 Underworld/Tomato ones. I agree that they look nice but I think others like the Ian Brown and Red Hot Chili Peppers are nice too. That's just my opinion. Anyhow, there's more detailed pictures at adidas.com.

Some Full Pictures.

Happy Valentines Days!

Not really Hypebeast related and it's a bit passed Valentines Day but I found this funny Valentines Card I wanted to share. The roses are made of duct tape as well!


Headporter X-Pack Waist Bag

Another bag from Headporter's X-Pack series is this waist bag. This bag is great for when you don't want to lug your backpacks out. It's relatively small and convient but has a lot of space for your things. It also has pockets that are easily accessible to store your cellphones or ipods. It's design is nice as well and you can wear it two ways, on your waist or over your shoulders. This gives you freedom on how you want to look. It's also made of high-tech material which is both durable and can last a long time.

Full Pictures Here


With hip hop stars like Usher wearing them, the New Era hats have taken over that hat trend (Just like Nike Dunks SB have taken over the shoe trend). Therefore it is no coincidence that our beloved skate company, Supreme, came out with their own. These Supreme × New Era baseball caps are made of wool (cashmere) and has a embrodiery of the words "supreme" at the back of the cap.

Full Pictures Here.


Monday, February 14, 2005

lmac: Audio Section Launched!!

le messie from lmac has released his own elektronik music for 2005 titled 'B-Sides' & 'Zombie Discotech'. These original works are available in mp3 format via their site. It's totally free for everyone to listen to so go download it at their site. "Music belongs to one and to all, music is yours and it's mine. I hope the music makes you feel the same way I do and that you enjoy this release." Check it out at their site (in the "AUDIO" section) www.lmac.tv.

Bathing Ape x Kaws Shirt Part 4!!!

If you've been following this year's big collaboration between Bape and Kaws, then this will excite you!! This is part 4 of the series. With part 3 being a little bit disappointing (in my opinion), part 4 makes up with this logo design. The new logo uses Milo's body, the Bapesta star as the head and Kaws eyes and nostrils to create this creative design. I wonder how many more of these will come out though as this is the fourth one already in this short time span of only two months. Anyhow, I look forward to the next one!!

Full Pictures Here.


Kicksclusive's interview with JB

Not everyone gets to fullfill their dream as a sneaker designer but JB at JB Classics has. Kicksclusive has a long interview with JB about his upcoming line of JB Classic sneakers. In this interesting interview, he talks about the usual stuff like inspirations, how he started and upcoming plans but the interesting part is when he talks about the development process of the sneaker itself. He explains how sneakers are made from day 1 to the release of the product. Also included are pictures of the Factory where the shoes are made.


Nike Vengence Gasius / Adidas Attitude

Crooked Tongues has an interview with Gasius about his new collaboration with Nike. In the interview, he talks about basically who he his, how he met up with Nike, personal favorite sneakers and future projects. Also updated are more pictures of the very limited Nike Vengence.

In addition, Crooked Tongues has posted some pictures of the New Adidas Attitude.

[Crooked Tongues]

New Adidas Superstar Samples "Animal Pack"

First Nike released their Blazers "Animal Pack" that featured material like fur in a cow print and a tiger print. Now it's adidas' turn. Their Superstar series that we've come to love is now featured in a leopeord print and a zebra print. The material is a fur like material that is quite unique and stands out from the crowd. If you liked the Nike Animal Pack Blazers, you'll probably like these then!

Full Pictures Here.

[Crooked Tongues]

Nike Dunk Low Pigeon New York x staple design

Staple Design will be releasing the Nike Dunk "Pigeon" and will be for sale at Reeds Space sometime in Febuary 2005. In addition, if you buy one of the "Pigeon" shirts during that time, you will be entered into a draw and the lucky winners will get a pair of Nike Dunk Low Pigeons (or Nike Dunk New Yorks). These are not the ordinary Nike Dunk Pigeons but one with the Staple Design logo "STPL" lasered onto it. Check out Freshness for more pictures!


Nike Air Trainer 1 / Air Trainer Huarache

The Nike Air Trainer 1 was originally released in 1987 and was designed by Nike legend Tinker Hatfield. It was endorsed by US baseball star, Bo Jackson, hence the nickname for this shoe is "Bo Jackson". Will be released sometime in March 2005.

Full Pictures Here.

The Nike Huarache was initally released in 1992 and now is being reissued in this black/stealth grey/white colorway. This popular shoe will be available sometime in March 2005 as well.

Full Pictures Here.

[JD Sports]