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Saturday, February 26, 2005

FONEY Spring/Summer Tee Previews!

Here's a sneek peek at FONEY's Spring/Summer 2005 tees! I especially like the one on the right because it relates to our society today.

Check out the all the tees HERE.


3sixteen Fabrications

3sixteen has some cool shirt designs up on their site. Here's a description of 3sixteen taken from their site.

"3sixteen fabrications is a conglomeration of thoughts, dreams and ideas from two heads out of chicago and nyc. our clothes are simple and effective, providing an equal balance of function and form. we're tired of seeing half-hearted creative efforts from mainstream manufacturers. life is not about mediocrity - it's about excellence. 3sixteen exists to challenge the design industry to produce something which reflects that."

So if you're needing some new and innovative tees, check them out at:

Staple Design Nike Considered

Staple Design is hosting a event for their release of the Nike Considered. It will be held on March 3rd, 2005 between 7pm and 10pm. It will be held at The Reed Space in New York. (Thanks Jerry!)

Full details at their site: www.stapledesign.com

adidas Superstar 35th Anniversary Bad Boys!

Here are some pictures of the 35th Anniversary Bad Boys edition. These Bad Boys which are part of the Music Series will be limited to 5000 pairs worldwide! Check out the very detailed pictures at the link below.

Full Pictures Here.


Bathing Ape Busy Work Shop Tee

This tee ommemorates the opening of Busy Work Shop in Kumamoto on February 22nd, 2005. The design is a "0" print with a the ape camouflage in yellow and black. Also, there's a logo on the bottom right of the "0" logo saying "2005.2.22".

Full Picture Here.


Bape x Kaws Camo Zip Up Parker!!

Yesterday I had some previews of the New Bape x Kaws Collab. Not surprisingly, these were the new patterns for the Bape x Kaws Camo zip up parkers. It's made with 100% cotton has has a process adminstered to it where it makes it look like it's used. There's a large front b The cotton 100% material where USED processing is administered. On front with there are pockets if you can see through the camo. It also has a double zipper where you can change the style of your zipping to your liking.

More Pictures Here.


Nike Laser Vandal

Part of the Mo Laser pack, this New Nike Laser which is designed by Tom Luedecke will be released in March.

"Right Collar features the German words: "denn wir koennen nichts ungeschehen machen." Meaning "because we cannot undo anything". Left Collar features the words: "and remember, no matter where you go there you are," a quote from Confucius."

Full Picture Here.


Thursday, February 24, 2005

Bling Bling Bathing Ape Watch!

This "BAPEX" is a new Bathing Ape watch for 2005. This gorgeous watch mimics the Rolex Daytona style watches. I don't know if those are real diamonds on there but it looks great anyhow! It comes in a nice camo watch case.

Full Pictures Here.


Nike Air 180 New Color!

Brand new color for the Air 180s! The color is chino/ice blue-baroque brown. The unique thing about it is the black markings on it which give it a special street look. Check out the pictures below to see the details!

Full Pictures Here.


Ubiq Qwerty!!

This new and simple Ubiq Qwerty really stands out from the crowd. It's basic style adopts canvas material for the upper and leather for the heel. In addition, the criss cross stitching and the beads at the back is very unique. It has some resemblence to Visvim shoes.

Full Pictures Here.

[Chapter World]

I wonder what these are!?

Hmmm... can anyone guess what these are? Concept Shop has some previews of some Bape x Kaws upcoming collaboration! Shirts maybe? Who knows but who cares, these patterns are so damn hot. We'll find out what they really are soon!

Full Preview Here.

[Concept Shop]

Bounty Hunter Spring/Summer Tees and Plush!!

First off, this is the Bounty Hunter Plush doll. With it's soft fur and cute look, who wouldn't want to get this for themselves or for their significant other.

Full Pictures Here.

A bunch of new Bounty Hunter Spring/Summer Tees for 2005! Finally some awesome designs for shirts in a while! Each comes with a BXH tag on the left sleeve. There are 4 new designs! Check out the link below for all the pictures!

Full Pictures Here.

[Cliff Edge]

"Rugged Art"

Art can come in many forms. The usual medium is a canvas or a piece of paper but why not a rug?

"RuggedArt is a new project, weaving together the fresh ideas of the underground art scenes of New York and London, with the thousand year old traditional techniques of Nepal."

So if you're looking for a artistic rug, check them out at www.ruggedart.com.

[Being Hunted]

New Balance M575

These upcoming New Balance M575 will be released sometime in the future. I don't know when but they're hot. They come in three different color combinations. Each color will use a different combination of material. Some will use suede, mesh or just leather or a combination of each.

Full Pictures Here


Nike Hybrid

Nike Hybrid is a Japanese project called "Soredemo, Tatakae, Hybrids" in which different shoes are combined together to create a brand new shoe! An example would be combining the Nike Vandals and Air Burst together to create the Air Max Samaritan. Check out the site for more hybrids!

[Nike Hybrid]


Adidas_1, the "World's First Intelligent Shoe"

adidas is releasing the adidas_1 in March 2005 which is suppose to be the "World's First Intelligent Shoe". So what makes this shoe intelligent? It's suppose to sense every step and adapts it's cushioning depening on the terrain you're walking or running on. So how does it work? The shoe actually has a tiny microprocessor that calculates that performs 10,000 per second and send this information to the motor. The motor then gradually adjust the cushioning to fit your feet perfectly. My question is: does it require batteries?


Methamphibian does it again!!

Famous sneaker customizer does it again with his Methamphibian Dunk Hi "Femme Fatale"!! These will be limited to 10 pairs and will come with a limited shirt as well. They are made exclusively for Sneaker Pimps in China!

Full Pictures Here.

Some upcoming projects with Methamphibian are:

Meth X DC Shoes
5& a dime


Wednesday, February 23, 2005

New Medicom Toys!!

Medicom has released their next batch of toys. They include the following:

One Piece x Devilock's Kubricks Set 1

One Piece x Devilock's Kubricks Set 2

Star Wars Darth Vader

Kozik x DEPT Smoking Bunny

Misfit Zombies

Christ Unlimited

Orange Clockwork The Rocking Machine


Futura's Pointman

Star Wars Kubricks

Check out more toys on their site:

Bathing Ape Febuary Shirt

I can understand the anniversary shirts but monthly shirts? It's almost March so would you wear the Febuary one in March? It just seems that these shirts will become obsolete very fast. Anyway, this is the Bathing Ape Febuary 2005 shirt which the logo is taken from the Bape calendar.

Full Picture Here.


Neighborhood Corps.Pique

This is the Neighborhood Corps.Pique camo cap. The camo is a woodland camo. It looks great with the skull with wings logo at the top.

Full Pictures Here.


Nike B'More Air Force 1 Low

This new Nike Air Force 1 Low comes in a white/neutral grey color! The B'more logo is embroided at the heel of the shoe. Grey mesh is used in the side panels giving the shoe some contrast. A B'more logo is printed on the insole of the shoe.

Full Pictures Here.


Nikes for Fall 2005

Here are some upcoming Nikes for Fall 2005. Some of them are totally new and some just in new colors. The totally new ones include Jordan XX Trunner, Jordan Retro X, Jordan XX Low LE, Flight 2k5 low. The Jordan XX is coming out in a blue/white/black color. Check out the pictures to see them all!

Full Pictures Here.


Battle for the Pigeon!!

I imagined this would happen one day. That's why I hate line cutters. Here's the article:

Customers on the Lower East Side were duking it out in the street yesterday over a limited-edition Nike Pigeon (NYC) Dunk skateboarding shoe.
Not even Big 'Twoine — the 300-pound bouncer hired to keep order — was able to control the dozens of "sneakerheads" who rushed the door at The Reed Space store at 10:30 a.m. yesterday.
When tempers flared, cops were called to restore order.
It was all in the name of target marketing and the desire to be the first.
"It was kind of crazy," said Nico Reyes, a store manager.
Reyes said a fight broke out after a bunch of people tried to skip the line that snaked outside the Orchard Street store.
Dozens of people had camped out for two or three days in freezing temperatures and a snowstorm in hopes of snaring one of what were only 150 pairs manufactured.
Cops said no arrests were made in the scuffle, although a man was cuffed, and cops found a knife and a baseball bat at the scene.
Although 70 people were waiting, only 20 people walked away with the prize, a pair of the rare Dunk skateboarding shoes with an exclusive New York twist — a pigeon on the heel.
Although Nike's suggested retail price is $69, The Reed Space sold its small supply for $300 a pair. Sneakerheads are selling them for as much as $1,000 on eBay.
Staple Design, which owns and operates The Reed Space, was tapped over a year ago by Nike to design the shoe, and chose a pigeon to represent New York.
"It's innate to New Yorkers," said Jeffrey Ng, Staple Design's founder and creative director. "No other bird in the world will let you walk that close to it. It's tough, and it's brave."
Gabriel Paulino, 22, of Jamaica, Queens, waited for two days, driving home only once to change and eat.
But in the melee for tickets, he came away empty-handed.
At least one sneakerhead walked away with a unique souvenir, Ng said, when a real pigeon left its mark on his shoe."

[New York Post]

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

FONEY clothing line!!

FONEY started in 2000-01 by Los Angeles based designer, DJ, skateboarder, fine artist/spraypainter FONEY. Works that they recently done were "beautiful losers" exclusive for the OCMA (ocma.net), and a special run to go along with Adidas Consortiums. Their spring/summer '05 clothing line will be available soon! I'll keep you guys updated about it!

"By realizing we are all phoney that makes you real" - FONEY

That quote above is so true.


North Face x Atmos Exclusive Raintex Flight Jacket!!

North Face is unstoppable. Previously they did a collaboration with Futura and now with Atmos! This Exclusive Raintex Flight jacket is great for spring because of it's light but water resistant material. Comes in four hot color combinations. Check out the link to the pictures below to see all the colors!

Full Pictures Here.


New York Toy Fair 2005

The New York Toy Fair 2005 is taking place right now from Febuary 20th - 23rd at Jacob Javits Convention Center. This is the place for the latest toys from around the world. Some new stuff include the following:

James Jarvis: Mr Vortigern White & Mr Vortigern Purple

Pete Fowler: Vol 3.

Futura: Pointman Camo & Point man Black & Pointman White & Grey

Gorillaz: 12'' Gorillaz Edition

ToyToons.com has a ton of pictures of newest toys around. Check out the link below to see all the pictures.


Saucouny Jazz AC

These are something fresh from the run of the mill Nikes and adidas. They are the Saucony Jazz AC which will be released in four different colors (Khaki/Black, Beige/Brown, Green/Apple, Black/Tan) with each color being limited to 240 pairs. The upper boldy uses mesh for a large portion of the shoe while the other parts uses suede. Kind of resembles New Balance shoes, don't you think?

Full Pictures Here.


Nike Air Jordan Laser IV

These hot Nike Air Jordan Laser IV are not out but Mark Smith at the Sole Collector event in Denver were rocking them. The overall shoe look pretty nice and it kind of resembles to the Air Max 1 at the back but has Nike started to go overboard with the lasering?

Full Pictures Here.


Upcoming Adidas Samples!

adidas will be releasing some new classics in July. Here's a list:

F.Hills : White/White stripes/Navy sole
Half Shells High : All White Leather
Half Shells Low : All Black/White Stripes, White/Black stripes & toe box(Not shell)
F. Hills : Silver/Red Stripes/Royal Blue Sole
F.Hills : Gold/Blue Stripes/Black Sole
K. A. Jabbar High : All Black & All White
K. A. Jabbar Low : All Black & All White
ZX8000 : Pink/Silver/Black & Ultraviolet/Silver/Purple
Rod Laver Mid : White/Red
New York : Arg. Blue/Alloy/Blue Ribbon & Teal/Velocity/Forest
Micropcaer : Silver/Sky Blue

Full Pictures Here.

[Crooked Tongues]

GRAND: street haute couture

GRAND will be making it's grand opening on Febuary 26th, 2005. They will be carrying a ton of brands such as Futura Laboratories, Goodenough, mhi by Maharishi, New Balance, Nike, Silas, Visvim and a ton more. If you're ever in Switzerland, it would be a great place to check out. Here's the full address:

Oberdorfstrasse 15
8001 Zurich
Tel: +41 44 222 08 08

For more info, visit www.grandism.com

Full Flyer Here

Bathing Ape Camo Hoody with Crystals

New Bathing Ape camo hoody for 2005. What's nice about this hoody is that crystals outline the "BAPE" logo on the front of the hoody. It's a 100% cotton zip up hoody and there's the usual APE tag on the left sleeve.

Full Pictures Here


New Balance 576 New Colors!!

Crooked Tongues has some pictures of upcoming New Balance 576 for both men and ladies. The suede used on the shoe combines with the leather perfectly. The bright lively colors are also good looking. Rumored to be released in June/July. Check out Crooked Tongues' news section for more pictures.

[Crooked Tongues]

Monday, February 21, 2005

Nike Delta Force Samples

Here are some new Delta Force Samples. These three new Delta Forces take cues from other sneakers. For example, one of them has the front from the Mita Air Force 1. Another takes the cement style from the Jordans. All of them uses the glossy patent leather at the back.

Full Pictures Here.


The Hundreds Clothing Line!!

Check out The Hundred's new clothing line for 2005! They have eleven new and different designs for tees and two new hats! Personally, I like the one in the picture on the right. Here's a basic description of their clothing line:

"The Hundreds Collection (clothing line) functions via simplistic and relaxed urban-lifestyle design. The Collection is based on limited quantities sold in clothing boutiques, and is rooted in the early '80s-90s' Southern California skate, surf, punk, and hip-hop cultures."

They will sold in selected boutiques around the globe such as Collette (Paris), Ssur (New York), In4mation (Hawaii), Livestock (Vancouver)or online. Check out their site for more information!!


2005 Bathing Ape Camo Hoody!

When you first look at this hoody, you might be thinking "This is sooo last season, isn't this the hoody that Pharrell wore last year?". That's what I thought minus the first part of the sentence. This is actually the 2005 version of it. If you look closely, you'll find that the bright and colorful camo has change A BIT! OMG! WOW! (note: sarcasm) Anyway, on with my description. This is made of 100% cotton and has a large size pocket in the front. The usual Ape tage is on the left sleeve and will be released in limited numbers!

Full Picture Here.


Bathing Ape Zip Up Jersey Top!!

This sporty Bathing Ape zip up jacket has a nice and unique pattern along the top of the arm. It's great for jogging or just casual wearing in Spring time because of it's light material. It comes in both white and black.

Full Pictures Here.


2005 NBA All Star Shoes!!

A bunch of new releases for 2005's All Star Game! These includes Nike Zoom Huarache 2K5 (Kobe Bryant), Nike Shox VC IV(Vince Carter) and Adidas TMAC 4.5(Tracy McGrady. Each shoe has the player's number stitched in as well. As you can see, the colorways of each shoe are inpired by the NBA All Star Jersey.

Full Pictures Here.


Nike Air Jordan XX

These White/Black Nike Air Jordan XXs are rumored to be released in the future however, no set date has been revealed. The Red/White/Black versions are already out in stores but hopefully well be seeing these sometime soon.

Full Pictures Here.


Sunday, February 20, 2005

Bathing Ape Bapesta!!

Brand new Bapestas for 2005! These remind us of the Ying Yang color ways. In addition to coming in white/black, it also comes in white/red, white/olive drab and white/navy.

Full Pictures Here.