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Saturday, March 05, 2005

Mighty Healthy Spring 2005 Tees!!

Here are some preview pictures of the upcoming tees from Mighty Healthy Spring 2005! Mighty Healthy clothing is available in selected stores in North America such as Dave's Quality Meat, Nom De Guerre, HUF, In4mation, Watts on Smith, Special Sauce and many other nice stores!

All Mighty Healthy Spring 2005 Pictures.

[Mighty Healthy]

Undercover Sneaker Low

These new Undercover Sneakers features cute floral pins on the upper and shoe laces in a gold color. Quite a simple shoe but it would be nice for girls.

Under Cover Sneaker Low Pictures.


Nike Zoom Air FC SB / Zoom Air Angus

Sneaker site Crooked Tongues has some pictures of the upcoming Nike Zoom Air FC SB and Zoom Air Angus. The Zoom Air FC SB (on the left) will be released in April and will feature a rainbow colored midsole. The Zoom Air Angus (on the right) will be featured in a green suede along with a orange outsole. More pictures at Crooked Tongues.

[Crooked Tongues]

Friday, March 04, 2005

La MJC Website!

La MJC, a French website for fresh news on sneakers and toys is going to be reopened on March 10th, 2005. The new website will be both in English and French so check it out when it's released.

La MJC will also be hosting a party in anticipation of the new site. A Nike Dri-Fit tshirt designed by La MJC will be given to everyone who attend the party. I don't know how to read French but if you want information on the party, click HERE.

The new La MJC will be featured in both English and French so check them out!

Bathing Ape x Kaws Monogram Parker

Yesterday when I saw this parker, the first thought that came to my mind was "Why are they releasing the same thing again? This was out like last month." So I ignored it but then today, another site released it so I read the description and found out that it was a Kaws x Bape collaboration. Then I thought, "What does this have to do with Kaws? It's just a monogram parker that was already released." Finally, I found out why upon closely examining the monogram itself. The stars on the monogram has the "X X" eyes that Kaws known for. Then my third thought was "Just slap on some "X X" eyes on anything and it'll sell like hot cakes." Anyway, this is the new and limited Kaws x Bape parker of 2005. Like other Bathing Ape clothing that has been released lately, a special process is administered to make the parker have a "used" or vintage feeling. Check out more pictures on the link below.

Bathing Ape x Kaws Monogram Parker Pictures.


New Balance M574 M WGR

This is the brand new New Balance M574 M WGR which part of the NB Classic line. The M574 was first released in the 80's and has been popular ever since. The upper includes a combination of leather and mesh. Comes in three different colors: blue, grey and red.

New balance M574 M WGR Pictures.

[Mita Sneakers]

Nike Dunk iD

Member "VII x 23" at Niketalk has posted some new information about the upcoming Nike Dunk iD. The Dunk iD will be available on March 31th, 2005 and will be $95 dollars USD. Rumor has it that the foam material (material from the Kermit Dunks) will be used on the Dunk iD. Logos will be available to chose from but no personal iD options.

Nike Dunk iD Preview Picture.

[5th Dimension]

SBTG x UNKLE Nike Dunk Hi Sample

This is a Nike Dunk Hi collaboration with SBTG and Unkle. Only 24 pairs are made and 12 pairs will be at Surrender in Singapore. Check out Freshness for more pictures.


Thursday, March 03, 2005

Mekanism/Invader Skateboard

This limited edition skateboard is designed by the French skateboard company MEKANISM. The Invader logos are created on a real mosaic which was photographed and then printed on each board. This MEKANISM/INVADER board is limited to only 100 pieces worldwide. It's only available at selected shops so check out www.space-invaders.com to see which stores will carry them.

Ubiq Life Dape Philly Figure

The shop "Ubiq Life" in Philadephia releases this new and original figure. This ape like creature wears a hoody which can be taken off. The spray can in it's hand and the tatoos on the back and arm give this figure a thuggish street look. The hoody also comes in a red color. This vinyl is designed by the famous Hong Kong Toy designer Tim Tsui and is sure to become a huge hit.

Ubiq Life Dape Philly Figure Pictures.

[Chapter World]

Nike Terminator Low Laser by Scott Patt

This new Nike Terminator Low Laser is designed by Artist Scott Patt. Both the upper and the toe area has the kangaroo design drawn on with the laser technology from Nike.

Nike Terminator Low Laser Scott Patt Pictures.

[LTD Online]

Undercover Sneakers Hi!!

This shoe itself is simple but combine it with the Undercover print and it turns into something fabulous. This eerie skull design is one of the four sneakers that Undercover is releasing. Others sneakers will also feature prints taken from Undercover shirt designs.

Undercover Sneaker Hi Pictures.

[Ace Web]

Nike Air Jordan Regional XX New Samples

Here are some new samples of the Air Jordan XX from a seller on ebay. They come in three different color combinations each representing a different region in the US. The blue ones shown in the picture on the right represents the West. The red ones represent the Mid West and the orange ones represent the East. As usual the Nike Air Jordan XX features a highly detailed laser pattern on the sneaker. Check out the link below for pictures of all three.

Nike Air Jordan XX Regional Sample Pictures.

[Daily Snkr]

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

LMAC 14" Gehenom Candy Creature

New from LMAC are these 14" Gehenom Candy Creature. They will be releasing these babies around summer. Each of them are 14 inches tall and are handmade by the brilliant plush maker Jamous of Doudoupop. They will be available globally at all the finest toy and concept stores.

LMAC 14" Gehenom Candy Creature Picture.

New York Toy Fair Total Report

If you're looking for a complete report of the New York Toy Fair, check out the link below.

New York Toy Fair Report at Planet6

Womens Nike Air Force 1 "Inside Out"

This is the new womens Air Force 1 part of the Inside Out Pack by Nike. The upper is a desert clay color with a ice green swoosh. What makes this a part of the Inside Out pack is the light brown overlays which is made up of a special material. Check this shoe out if you're looking for something different from the usual all leather Air Force Ones.

Nike Air Force One "Inside Out" Pictures.

[Shoe Planet]

Whiz x MadFoot! Madmans Genius Hi-Top

This Madmans Genius Hi-Tops is a collaboration between MadFoot! and Whiz. The design is finely applied to both the upper and sole of the shoe. The use of suede material along the design of the shoe makes this collaboration something you won't want to miss. Comes in four different colors: white, brown, grey and black.

Whiz x MadFoot! Genius Hi-Top Pictures.


Bathing Ape Milo Sports Pile Zip Up Parker / Sweat Stadium Jumper

Here, we have two new items from Bape. The first one on the left is the Milo Sports Pile Zip-up Parker. Pile is a fabric which is made up of soft fine hairs kind of similar to velvet. The design is composed of a Milo pattern. Comes in navy and black.

The jacket on the right is the Bape Sweat Stadium Jumper. The two Ape heads on the front really stand out. The two dots on the back that represents Baby Milo's eyes gives this jumper a creative twist.

Bathing Ape Milo Sport Parker & Sweat Stadium Jumper Pictures.


Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Twelve Bar T-Shirt Designs!!

Twelve Bar will be releasing some new Tees later this Spring at selected stores worldwide. The picture on the right is one of the many nice designs that they will be releasing. Here's a basic description of their company and clothing line:

Twelve Bar is a premium apparel brand being launched in the USA, Europe and Japan this Spring. Product will be released on a monthly basis with each item limited to 250 pieces worldwide. The name “Twelve Bar’ pays homage to the rhythm pattern which black music is derived from and acknowledges how influential it has been on the development of street culture.

The graphical representation of the Twelve Bar brand is based around an interpretation of a heart which symbolizes everything that Twelve Bar embraces from music to film to art and beyond. The first Twelve Bar line is a collection of t-shirts and sweatshirts with an emphasis on attention to detail and quality. These will be available in select retailers across the globe and certain items will be region specific only.

Full Pictures Here.

Bape x Kaws Zip Up Parker!!

I haven't had enough time to digest the last Bape x Kaws collaboration and a new one comes out. This one features one of the Kaws vinyl and a Milo x Kaws head all chopped up into pieces. The zip up parker is made of 100% cotton and where a special process is used to make it look used. Not that I don't like these collaborations but isn't it coming out just a tad too fast.

Full Picture Here.


Bathing Ape Old Patent Bapesta

When you can't think of anything new, the best thing to do it retro the old! These new Bathing Ape Bapesta uses the colors from the original colorways. So if you're looking for the original colors and can't find them anymore, you can get these!

Full Pictures Here.

[Vintage Kicks]

Reebok Ice Creams Pager Flavor

I thought Billion Boys Club and Reebok have already ended their relationship but it seems like they still have some previous agreements left to finish. These Reebok Ice Cream Pager Flavor are probably part of the things "left to do". The design features the Ice Creams covered in pagers. They come in 3 different colors: black, grey and white each with different color accents. They will be limited of course and will be released in May.

Full Pictures from Crooked Tongues Here.

[Crooked Tongues]

Nike Zoom Air E-Cue

Finally a Nike Zoom Air E-Cue I actually like. This E-Cue features a rainbow pattern with colorful lollipops. The black at the back is a nice contrast to the wild colors in front. Rumored to be released in April.

Pictures from Crooked Tongues.

[Crooked Tongues]

PAM Manana Banana x TAS Shoe!

PAM is releasing a new character called Manana Banana which is basicaly a "blunt" with a face, arms and legs. This hillarious character will be featured on a Be@rbrick and will also collaborate with sneaker company "TAS" to create the shoes shown on the right. They will also come in a brown color as well. Be prepared to "get high" in April.

Full Pictures Here.

[Being Hunted]

Smoking Hate Pink Dunny

This year's Easter Bunny has turned hardcore. Don't be expecting any Easter eggs from this bunny with an attitude. This smoking Dunny is designed by Frank Kozik whos responsible for his smoking bunny vinyls.

Full Pictures Here.

[Kid Robot]

Monday, February 28, 2005

Adidas Superstar 35th Anniversary Ian Brown

In the 1980s and 1990s, Ian Brown was the lead vocal of the band "The Stone Roses" which was one of the most revered British bands at the time. However, later on Ian Brown went solo. This shoe is dedicated to Ian Brown who has been a powerful force in British Rock. The shoe is highly detailed with Ian Brown embroided on the back of the shoe. In addition, the insole has a special message. Check out the detailed pics on the link below!

Full Pictures Here.


Sunday, February 27, 2005

Another One Piece Laser?

You've probably seen the one piece lows and highs before but you've probably never seen this new one! Of course, this will be extremely limited as well!

Full Picture Here


New Nike Samples!

Here are some new samples for Fall and Winter 2005! They include Air Huarache Burst, Nike Air Max 90 CL (release in Autumn 2005), and Nike Air Classic BW (release in Winter 2005). Check out all the pictures on the link below!!

Full Pictures Here.

[Yahoo Auctions]


These are some Pumas you may not want to miss out. These are called the Puma 3 Time RTL and they're part of the Puma Life Style category. The upper of the shoe is made to look like it's teared a bit. RTL stands for RIP TREATED LINEN which is the basic style of the shoe.

Full Pictures Here.

[Alternate Sneakers]

Nike Air Force 1 Allstars

Also posted by DJ AM ONE at Niketalk, these new Nike Air Force 1s are rumored to be limited to only 160 pairs worldwide. They were first shown in public at the Denver Allstar weekend. Goodluck getting pair of these!

Full Pictures Here.


Nike Air Force 1 Encore!!

Posted by DJ AM ONE on Niketalk, these are the Nike Air Force 1 Encores. The Encores are inpsired by Eminem's newest record "Encore". The words "Encore" are everywhere on this shoe. They're stitched at the back side of the shoe. The words are also on the tongue and on the insole. In addition. a backwards "E" is stitched onto the spot where the "Nike" is supose to be.

Full Pictures Here.