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Saturday, March 12, 2005

Masterpiece x Bathing Ape Bapesta Force 1

Here are some brand new Masterpiece x Bathing Ape Bapesta collaboration. The color scheme of the shoe is adopted from the Jamaican flag. Even the tag on the tongue has a Jamaican flag. Not surprisingly, these Bapestas stick to their usual material of choice which is patent leather.

Masterpiece x Bathing Bapesta Pictures.

[Vintage Kicks]

Bathing Ape Standard Print Denim Jeans

Brand New Bathing Ape Standard Print Denim Jeans. Two white Bathing Ape logos are on each of the back pockets. These come in a blue indigo color and are sure to capture hearts of Bape fans.

Bathing Ape Standard Print Demin Jeans Pictures.


More Sneaker Pimps Pictures

Here are more nice pictures of Sneaker Pimps in Beijing.

Sneaker Pimps Beijing [kookies.net]

Nike Air Zoom Huarache 2K5

These Nike Air Zoom Huarache 2K5 were recently worn by Kobe Bryant in an NBA match on Febuary 28th, 2005. The all black Nike Air Zoom Huarache 2K5 are currently not available in stores. They will not be available until sometime in the middle of March. The material used will be a combination of nubuck and leather. In addition there will be some lasered or engraved patterns on the shoes. Check out the pictures below for more pictures.

Nike Air Zoom Huarache 2K5 Pictures.


Friday, March 11, 2005

Ubiq Tomim Shirt

These are the new Tomim Shirts by Ubiq. They are actually shoes despite the name "Tomim Shirts". These new Ubiq shoes actually uses cloth for the upper but of course it is reinforced with material to make it stand. It comes in three different colors: Navy, Grey and Green.

Ubiq Tomim Shirt Pictures.

[Chapter World]

Bathing Ape Update!

Taking cues from the adidas Stan Smith (thanks Tom for the correction!), these new Bathing Ape Bapesta are difficult to recognize at first because of the missing Bapesta logo on the side of the shoe. However you'll discover it is a Bathing Ape product by the Bapesta logo at the back of the shoe, the bape logo on the tongue and on the insoles. Bathing Ape Bapesta Pictures.

Every year the Bathing Ape lugger shirt is very popular. With it's sporty but casual look and this year will be no different. As usual, most Bathing Ape products focus on attention to details. A big Bape head logo quietly resides at the elbows of the shirt. It comes in two different colors. Bathing Ape Lugger Shirt Pictures.

Here's another Bape x Kaws collaboration. The logo is supposed to have a "textured" feeling. It also comes in a T-shirt version. Bathing Ape x Kaws Shirt Pictures.

I really felt like stopping the update on Bathing Ape items at the Kaws collab but I could not help but to include this very nice Bathing Ape 2005 patch work shirt. The rich and colorful patch work includes three different colors of the Ape Camo. Bathing Ape Patch Work Pictures.

Whew.. I feel like I OD on Bape.


Famouz x Porter

These Famouz x Porter Tote Bags and Coin case are being released along with Famouz's Spring/Summer 2005 collection. The Famouz x Porter bags and coin case will all feature a checkered pattern along with demin.

Famouz x Porter Tote Bags and Coin Case Pictures


Star Wars Lego Death Star II

I've been a lego fan since I was young but I have never been as excited as seeing this being made. This Star Wars Lego set is a replica of the Death Star II in Star Wars Episode VI Return of the Jedi. This Death Star II is made up of 3441 pieces of lego and will be retailing for USD $299. Keep an eye open for it when it comes out on September 30th, 2005.


Thursday, March 10, 2005

Jeremy Scott x adidas Limited Forums

These are new Jeremy Scott x adidas limited edition of the adidas Forums. There are six designs in total and they are limited to 30 pairs. For those who don't know who Jeremy Scott is, he's a hit designer in the Los Angeles fashion scene. Celebrities that he has dress include Bjork, Cameron Diaz, Christina Aguilera, Kylie Minogue and Madonna.

All Jeremy Scott x adidas Forums Pictures.

[5th Dimension]

adidas_1 Promotion Video

Check out Spike Jonze's adidas_1 promotion VIDEO.

adidas_1 is dubbed "the world's first intelligent shoe". This is because a microchip is built into the shoe and this microchip will automatically adjusts the shoe to fit your feet depending on the terrain you're on. Are battery included?


New Bathing Ape Shirts!

Here are some new shirts from Bathing Ape. The Bathing Ape Milo Shirt on the left has Baby Milo giving us the big thumbs up. The design itself is okay. It also comes in a white color. I have a problem with the Bathing Ape Palm Shirt on the right. The design with the palm tress is very mediocre. It looks like a cheap bootleg Hawaiian shirt that I could buy in some flea market. With new Bathing Ape shirts coming out almost everyday, I guess you can't expect them all to be gems. It also come in other different colors if you're interested.


North Face Purple Label Bags

The popularity of the North Face Purple Label continues with these new releases. This time, five new styles are available each with a distinct personality. The North Face Medium Day Pack (picture shown on the right) is a simple backpack that features bright and beautiful colors which is perfect for spring time. In addition, there's also the North Face Climbing Pack, the Fanny Pack, the Medium Tote Bag and the Small Duffle bag. There's something for everyone both guys and girls! So if you're looking for a bag with a spring time theme, check out these new North Face bags!

All North Face Purple Label Bag Pictures

Chapter World.

Masterpiece x Stussy x New Balance MT580

Kick.i.t. at Kix Files have posted some scans from Milk magazine of the new Masterpiece x Stussy x New Balance MT580. Last year, the realmadHECTIC x New Balance MT580 was a total success with a multitude of colors to chose from. For 2005, this Masterpiece x Stussy x New Balance MT580 will continue the MT580's popularity with new colors such the colors on the right and another black/purple/white color combination.

Kix Files.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Nike Air Max 1 "One's Pack" Samples

Here are some new sample of the Nike Air Max 1 "One's Pack". They will come in a hot brown/green/white color as shown on the right. The Nike Air Max 1 will also come in a White/Speckled Grey color. There is currently no release date information on these but if they come out, the brown/green/white ones will be copped (bought) for sure.

Edit: More Pictures of the Nike Air Max 1 "One's Pack"


Nike Air Maestro

Here's the Nike Air Maestro in a new color combination. The Nike Air Maestro was originally known as Scottie Pippen's shoe which was first released in the 1990s. In 2001, Jerry Stackhouse also wore these Nike Air Maestro in a white/black color. Now, these Nike Air Maestros are being re-released and they still look great after all these years.

Pick Your Shoes.

Nike Women's Air Force One

Here is the new Nike Women's Air Force One model for late Spring 2005. The base color is white with ice blue and maize as color accents. This Nike Air Force One would be great for any ladies out there.

Alternate Sneakers.

The-Glade x Callous Sneakers

Callous is a relatively new brand of footwear which began in 2003. Callous shoes combines the comfort of casual shoes and and performance of trainers to create a new hybrid of shoes. The-Glade is a new venture by Being Hunted. They're basically an online store that offers the latest and greatest products on the planet. Together, they have created a brand new line of shoes which feature The-Glade signature "bow" embroidery.


Nike Air 180 Dizzee Rascal

Dirty Stank is a UK record label and they have collaborated with Nike to produce this brand new Nike Air 180 Dizzee Rascal edition. They will come in two different colors (white and maroon) with the Dizzee Rascal logo both on the tongue. The name "Dizzee Rascal" is put on the back of the shoe and the insole will feature a special Dizzee Rascal map of East London's train routes. Only 48 pairs of these will be made and they will come in a cool looking box that has a clear panel on the front and a graffiti design on the sides.

Crooked Tongues.

adidas Superstar 35th Anniversary - The Anniversary Series

After celebrating all the shops, cities, artists and musicians, it's time to celebrate the adidas Superstar itself. For the second last installment of the 35th Anniversary, adidas releases 6 shoes using the Superstar II shoe as the base. Each shoe will have it's own special style. They include: etched white, etched black, monogram stripe, perfed, suede and graphic. It seems like they will not be limited so prices should be fair. They will be releasing sometime in month!

adidas Anniversary Series Pictures.

In addition, adidas has a new movie up that introduces their Spring/Summer 2005 collection. Check out the "original" section to find it.

adidas Superstar / Supermodified Hemp!

We you more hemp love by introducing you to the adidas Superstar Hemp in grey/black/white and the adidas Supermodified. All of these shoes include the "hemp" tag which tells you that they're made from environmentally friendly material.


Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Interview with Mishka NYC

Gureala Mag - they have a new interview with T Shirt Designer Mishka NYC. It's interesting to read how new designers start out from scratch and develop their line into something.

Nike P-Rod / Nike Dunk High SB

These are the upcoming Nike P-Rod and Nike Dunk High SB. The Nike P-Rod on the left uses all black suede for the upper and a gum sole for the bottom. The Nike Dunk High SB also uses black suede for the majority of the upper. Combine it with the gum sole and we have a winning combination. Both are rumored to be released some time April.

In addition, Crooked Tongues has more Sneaker Pimps Shanghai Pictures.

Crooked Tongues.

Bathing Ape Busy Work Shop Tee Yokohama

This limited T shirt commemorates the opening of Busy Work Shop in Yokohama which opened on March 1st, 2005. The logo is done in a red and blue camo with "2005.3.1" printed on the bottom right hand edge. Comes in a black and white color.

Busy Work Shop Yokohama T Shirt Pictures.


New Items from Bathing Ape

Here are some new items from Bape. They include the long Sleeve Rainbow Shirt on the left which also comes in a grey color. The portable nylon hooded jacket in the middle can be packed up into a compact bag like a sleeping bag and the 3/4 sleeve Milo shirt on the right features the classic Baby Milo logo.


Monday, March 07, 2005

Nike Talaria / Air 180 Samples!

I was never really into the Nike Talaria until these pictures were released (picture on the left). The others are the Nike Air 180s. They will be featured in leather rather than the wooly material on the first retro pair that came out.

Nike Air Talaria Sample Pictures.
Nike Air 180 White/Orange/Grey Sample Pictures.
Nike Air 180 All Black Sample Pictures.


Super Mario Post-It Art

Some guys at UCSC decided to create a piece dedicated to Super Mario using post-its on a building's windows. 3800 Post-its were used for this project.

Super Mario Post-It Art.

Sneaker Pimps China

A lot more Sneaker Pimps China pictures. The server might be a bit slow loading the pictures but it's all worth it!

Sneaker Pimps Shanghai Pictures Set 1.
Sneaker Pimps Shanghai Pictures Set 2.
Sneaker Pimps Shanghai Pictures Set 3.
Sneaker Pimps Shanghai Pictures Set 4.
Sneaker Pimps Shanghai Pictures Set 5.

[5th Dimension]

adidas Superstar II Hemp

These adidas Superstars II uses the same material the Nike Dunk Hemp uses. To make sure people know it's made of Hemp, there's even a little "Hemp" tag. Hot colors and great material used on a classic shoe: What could be better?

adidas Superstar Hemp Pictures.

[5th Dimension]

Sunday, March 06, 2005

In4mation Spring 2005 Tee Preview!

Check out In4mation's new Spring 2005 line! They will be available some in between March and April. Here's a brief bio taken from In4mation's site:

"In4mation is comprised of four partners, Ryan Arakaki, Todd Shimabuku, Jun Jo and Rhandy Tambio. The concept of the name In4mation was from a popular cartoon VOLTRON, in which unique characters assembled to become one indestructible machine. The name In4mation and the “plus” logo mark symbolize a unique bond and signify In4mation’s positive outlook and welcoming attitudes attained by exploring varied paths of life. In4mation’s motto, “ I SHALL PROCEED…AND CONTINUE” is a catch phrase taken from an influential hip-hop band that serves as a reminder to follow our chosen paths and to keep on moving forward."

In4mation Spring 2005 T-Shirt Preview Pictures.


1st: One Serious Threat Clothing!!

1 Serious Threat is an independent collective of artists, musicians and creative minds working together to further underground progression. They have a nice collection of tee designs on their website. Click the link below to check out more pictures of their upcoming apparel line.

One Serious Threat Apparel Pictures.

[1st: One Serious Threat Clothing]

Maharishi DPM x B&W Speakers!!

B&W has been creating quality loudspeakers since 1966. Now they have teamed up with Maharishi DPM to create this new B&W 601 speaker which combines the camo art of Maharishi and B&W speaker technology. The Mahrishi camo is the famous one with the bonsai trees and dragons which was also featured on the Nike x DPM Terminator Hi. The speaker itself is of top quality. It is a "compact bookshelf/stand-mount speaker that combinesa 165mm (6 1/2-in) woven Kevlar cone bass/midrange driver with a Nautilus tube-loaded metal dome tweeter. The cabinet features extra internal bracing for reduced colouration. The speaker also features B&W's Flowport technology that uses golf-ball-style dimples to improve air-flow in the reflex ports. This ensures clean bass with good attack that remains more consistent with level compared to simpler designs."

Maharishi DPM x B&W Speaker Pictures.

[Protein Feed]

Nike Total 90 II Turf Laser Edition

This is something for the soccer fans out there. This new Nike Total 90 II Limited Laser edition features a laser design at the heel of the shoe and also in the tongue. The upper uses a special leather that gives it a unique look. So consider picking up this shoe if you want to play soccer in style.

Nike Total 90 II Laser Pictures.

[Ice Field]

Nike Dunk Hi

New Nike Dunk Hi for Spring 2005. Again, Nike keeps to the simple theme that they have been doing this year so far. The white color is matched with a classic university blue.

[Alternate Sneaker]

New Balance M576 Camo!

New Balance jumps on the Camo train with these NB M576. They come in three types of camo colors: beige, grey and brown. In my opinion, it's a bit overkill on the camo but nevertheless they are doing something new but introducing the new grey camo color. I'm just a tad bored with the green/brown camo colors all the time. If NB held back on the camo just a bit, this shoe would rock.


Nike Vandal Hi

These are the Nike Vandal Highs in a new color scheme. The strap is in a white/green/red color which can either represent the Italian flag or the Mexican Flag, you pick. So far, many of Nike's releases this year are nice and simple. In addition, Nike has made many shoes in the color white recently.

Nike Vandal Hi Pictures.

[Chapter World]

Sneaker Pimps China!!

Sneaker Pimps was held recently in Beijing, China. Special guest such as Dave White, Futura, Stash showed up. Meth also displayed his latest creation. Check out the link below for more pictures.

Sneaker Pimps China Pictures.