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Saturday, March 19, 2005

Hypebeast Upgrade

Hypebeast.com will be down for the weekends for an upgrade. Please check back on Monday and hopefully the site will be back up.

In the meantime, check out: http://hypebeast.blogspot.com/ for all old news.

Friday, March 18, 2005

Bape x Kaws Cushion

This Bape x Kaws collaboration is like the Energizer Bunny. It just keeps going and going and going.... This the Bape x Kaws cushion which features a funky camo pattern. If you missed out on the parker zip up, maybe you can settle for this instead. But by no means is this cheap as it'll set you back around Usd $160.


Thursday, March 17, 2005

iPod x Gas Cases

If you're looking for some cool iPod cases, look no further. These iPod x Gas Cases are produced by Yoshida (parent company of Headporter) and are designed by various designers from around the world. These are not just ordinary designers but are people who have worked with big brands in the recent years. Now you can enjoy your music with great designs. Thanks Brian!

iPod x Gas Pictures.

Bathing Ape x Kaws "Kaws Bear"

Another Bape x Kaws collaboration. This time it features Milo's Bear friend as the main design. The infamous Kaws eyes are of course included. The tee comes in white and black.

Bape x Kaws "Kaws Bear" Pictures.


Nike Dunk Low Euro Exclusive

collie27 at Niketalk have posted this new Nike Dunk Low Euro Exclusive in a new color. The original ones were all black with a basketball engraved into the back side of the shoe. This pair will also have the basketball engraved but in a new color.


Nike Dunk Low Canvas

Few months around, Nike released a white/black/red canvas dunk which became quite popular over night. With it's success, Nike releases this Nike Canvas Dunk Low in a chino/midnight navy-net-medium yellow color.

Nike Dunk Low Canvas Pictures.


Hypebeast will be down for upgrade!

Just wanted to let you guys/gals know that the site will be down on Friday night and most of Saturday as well. Don't worry, I'm not leaving. The site will be using a new blogging software and will be presented in a new design. Hopefully, the site will be back and running by Sunday! In the meantime, go out or something. It's the weekends!

Stussy x Masterpiece x New Balance MT580

Here's a better picture of the upcoming Stussy x Masterpiece x New Balance MT580! These purple, black, white MT580s are off the chart! The price will probably be off the chart as well! As always, the best New Balance will be only available in Asia. Us North Americans will probably not be able to get them other than eBay.


Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Foney Roswell Raygun Tee

Foney release their very limited version of the Roswell Raygun T-shirt which is inspired by no other than the Nike Roswell Rayguns Dunks! Each are hand printed and limited to 36 pieces. Price is only $25 each which means we'll have more money to buy shoes. Shirts like this make me regret that I passed on the Nike Raygun Dunks when it was still "inexpensive".

Foney Roswell Raygun Tee.

edit: Here's some other Foney shirts from their coming spring/summer 2005 line.

Star Wars: Episode III Trailer

Not really related but those who haven't seen this should. Here's the new trailer to Star Wars: Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. Looks freaking awesome.

Nike Blazer 73

These brand new Nike Blazers 73 Mids were just recently released in Asia. The Nike Blazer 73 continues to be popular despite the fact that this shoe is based on the first Nike Blazer in 1973.

Nike Blazer 73.


Nike Dunk Low Laser One Piece

Previously I mentioned about this Nike Dunk Low One Piece and now Crooked Tongues has some new pictures and information about it. The laser is inspired by the Brasilian National Football Team and this Dunk will be released on April 2nd, 2005. They will be available at the following stores: "Footpatrol in UK, Slam Jam & Corso Como in Italy, Nort in Germany, Opium & Colette in Paris, and Apartment in Berlin. US stores carrying them are Nort NY and SF as well as Undefeated, Huf and Nomme de Guerre."

Nike Dunk Low One Piece.

[Crooked Tongues]

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

New Bathing Ape x Kaws Design!

This is the fresh new design from the Bape x Kaws collaboration series! Finally something different from the continous use of Ape logo designs. The shirt combines Milo's Elephant friend with the Kaws "X X" eyes. Great tee if you are looking for something different.

Bape x Kaws T-Shirt Pictures.


Nike Air Force One Mid European Edition

These Nike Air Force One Mids are the Carmelo Anthony Denver Nuggets "Melo" Edition. They're based on the Denver Nuggets' jersey which is a white, maize and legend blue color. They're available in stores now.

Nike Air Force One Mid European Edition Pictures.


Evisu Spring/Summer 2005 Tees

Brand new Evisu Spring/Summer 2005 Tees. The use of gold on it's famous Evisu "M" symbol is apparent. A nice Evisu logo is also embroided into the left sleeve of each shirt. The attention to detail is top notch. If you're a Evisu fan or even if you arn't, these are definity worth checking out.

Evisu Spring/Summer 2005 T-shirts.


Silas x Amos x Be@rbrick!

Here's an upcoming Silas x Amos x Kubrick Be@rbrick collaboration! This awesome Be@rbrick uses King Ken from Amos as the base design. It will be very limited so goodluck acquiring this nice little Be@rbrick!

Silas x Amos x Be@rbrick Pictures.


Goodenough vinyl

New Goodenough vinyl and other Goodenough items will soon be available at Hanon Shop soon.

[Hanon] via [RTHQ]

adidas Pro Model City Series / Rod Laver Mid / Half Shell

KDAY1580 on Niketalk has posted some upcoming adidas samples. They include the Pro Model City Series which feature the city's abbrevation on the back on the shoe. The adidas Pro Model will includes cities such as San Francisco, New York City, Atlanta City and many more. Watch for this series coming in fall. Other samples include the adidas perforated Rod Laver Mid and the adidas perforated Half Shell. They will be available in Fall/Winter 2005.

adidas Pro Model City Series / Rod Laver Mid / Half Shell.


Monday, March 14, 2005

LA MJC Website Lauched and Party Pics

La MJC recently hosted a party for the relaunch of their new La MJC website. La MJC is a online magazine that does everything from giving it's viewers the latest news in trends to hosting parties/shows and to selling it's own brand of tees. Currently they are only in French but will be available in English later on. At the party, La MJC gave out 100 limited t-shirts that were made by Nike. Even the guys from Crooked Tongues and Colette showed up in Paris. Check out the party pictures on the link below!

La MJC Party Pictures.

UNKLE 3D Cushion

Produced by Medicom, these Unkle 3D cushions would make a nice addition to any sofa. They come in a two sizes and will be released in June. Supervisor for this product is no other than James Lavelle. The camo is designed by Ben Drury and the cushion itself is based on the original artwork by Futura 2000!


Brassel Clothing

Brassel is a small clothing line that sells both tees and jeans. They started in the year 2000 and has been only sold underground in Cali, Vegas, Hawaii, New York, and Japan. In the beginning, they started by getting quality demin from Japan and have never stopped perfecting their jeans and shorts. Only around 10 pairs of denim pants are made with the same design. Randy, the owner, basically does everything himself from creation of their product to shipping it. If you're interested in Brassel tees or jeans, please email Randy for any inquiries.

Brassel Tee and Jeans.

Headporter Demin Boston Bag / Bape x Kaws Tote Bag

At times like this, I wish I was a girl. Here are some nice new bags for the ladies. On the left we have a Headporter Demin Boston Bag. It comes in four different colors: beige, grey, olive and black. You've probably guessed what the bag on the right is. Yes it's the Bape x Kaws tote bag and it comes in three different colors. Hopefully these won't go for USD $400+ on eBay like the zip up parkers do.


Mad Foot! Mad Daaam-1

Japanese sneaker brand, Mad Foot! introduces new colors to the already popular Mad Foot! Mad Daaam-1. This time, both leather and suede will be available for the upper shoe. It will come in brown or burgundy for the leather version and black and beige for the suede version. The laces will be similar to the Nike SB laces and the sole will feature a camo pattern. In my opinion, they look very similar to the swooshless Nike Air Force Ones.

[Chapter World]

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Monster Trucker Hats

As New Era caps grow in popularity, trucker hats are fading into yesterday's trend. But personally I love trucker hats because of the way they look. So if you love them like I do, check out this site which makes pretty neat trucker hats. Every hat is hand printed and is limited to 100 pieces each.

[Monster Trucker] (thanks Brian for the link!)

Adidas Malmo

I'm really digging the colors and material on this shoe. This is the new Adidas Malmo in sunshine/bluebird/gum color. The upper will consist of mostly suede and they will only be available in Sweden since Malmo is a Swedish city.


More Bape x Kaws Madness

Here are some more shirts from the Bathing Ape x Kaws extravagenza! Other than the design on the right (if you look closely or look at the bigger pictures, you'll see that inside the black area is a camo pattern), all the others look pretty much the same as the first ones that were released. I'm sorry but can we stop with these now Mr. Nigo.

All Bape x Kaws Tee Pictures.


Nike Air Sabaku Mid

Recently, the Nike Air Sabaku have been gaining popularity and now they come in a brand new color. The design itself is taken from Japanese history when samurais were still around. In addition, some Japanese words are written on the Zoom Air insole. So if you're tired of the same old stuff, check these Nike Air Sabakus out!

[Chapter World]